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Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Imperative: 3 Reasons to Prove

Wondering how to give a perfect bite to your deeply frozen black forest ice cream? You have already spent a lot of sleepless nights with your wisdom teeth pain.  But you are too scared to opt for a surgery thinking it would be painful with a prolonged downtime. Nevertheless, the pain is never-ending! You need […]

What are the Warning Signs of Affected Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are healthy for some and unhealthy for others. Some can people can use it completely, others cannot. If the third molar set is completely or half impacted, you can experience dental problems. Experiencing Too Much Pain It is important to understand that impaction causes severe pain in your wisdom teeth. Not only that, […]

What Should you Expect From Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction is needed and one must go through a surgery before it is too late. It has been found that more than 5 millions of Americans suffer from wisdom tooth between 16-25 years of age. You need to extract the tooth before it is too late. Your leftover food can get stuck between […]

Myths About Oral Surgery: Debunked the Truth

Many patients get scared when they hear about the tooth extraction process. Generally, doctors recommend doing oral surgery when they suffer from a dental infection. Many people do not know what to expect from this procedure. They search online and see various mythos floating around on the internet which does not help. That’s why we […]

Why Choose Dental Implants for Complete Teeth Restoration?

As Hollywood diva Marilyn Monroe once wisely said, a healthy smile is the best makeup anyone can wear. But accidents happen and as painful as losing teeth is (physically and metaphorically both), there are procedures to restore the dazzle to your smile. Dental Implants VS Dentures Dental Implants are a popular option. They are permanent […]

Top 4 Best Foods & Drinks for Your Teeth

Diet plays an important role when it comes to identifying the distinction between a healthy smile and multiple visits to the dentist. It’s also not possible to keep your teeth healthy even with proper brushing and flossing techniques. It’s found that a good number of foods from the entire food groups can make your teeth […]

Having A Tooth Pulled: What Can You Expect?

Has a recent accident injured your teeth? Does your dentist recommend you do a tooth extraction to protect the surrounding teeth? You may feel scared hearing of dental surgery and that is very normal. We all feel scared to go to OT but there is absolutely no reason to stress out. You may not experience […]

Can I Go On Vacation After Doing Oral Surgery?

As many people have busy schedules because of work pressure or other reasons, it is always not possible for them to do an oral surgery with a scheduled break from work. They consider doing the tooth extraction process during the holidays. It is easier to take care of their teeth after surgery. But there is […]