Myths About Oral Surgery: Debunked the Truth

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Many patients get scared when they hear about the tooth extraction process. Generally, doctors recommend doing oral surgery when they suffer from a dental infection. Many people do not know what to expect from this procedure. They search online and see various mythos floating around on the internet which does not help. That’s why we have debunked 3 popular myths so that you can attend the process as a well-informed patient.

Oral Surgery is Very Painful

It is one of the most popular and bogus myths about oral surgery. In the beginning, the doctor numbs the area so that you do not feel any pain during the process at all. You may experience a little discomfort and soreness in the recovery period. Your physician may recommend you a few prescribed medications to ease the pain. Apart from that, you may also take over-the-counter medicine to reduce the problem.

Everyone Has to Remove Their Wisdom Teeth

It is not true at all. Many young adults have to remove their wisdom teeth to get rid of the pain. But not all people need to pursue tooth extraction. If you do not face any major problems because of the wisdom teeth, then you can keep them easily. But if oral surgery is mandatory in your case, then your dentist may send you to a skilled oral surgeon.

There Is No Need to Replace an Extracted Tooth

Many patients believe that after removing the wisdom teeth, there is no need to replace them with a new one. But that is not a good idea at all. Sometimes, you must replace the extracted tooth to restrain oral health problems soon. Other teeth will move around to fill the space if there is a gap in your mouth. As a result, the jawbone is not stimulated either and it can shrink over time. Consequently, consult with your dentist before taking any major decision.

Tooth Extraction Is the Best Way to Deal With Tooth Damage

Most of us think that removing damaged teeth can only stop toothache but it is not necessary all the time. The doctor suggests oral surgery when there are no other options available. First, your dentist sees if a root canal or other treatment options can renew the function of the damaged tooth. If the treatments cannot provide any solution, only then do doctors suggest oral surgery. So, other options can end your toothache too.

Make Your Smile Beautiful

Many people are frustrated because of their dental condition. You can visit a dental clinic to make your smile beautiful. There are no home remedies that can help you to heal the damaged teeth. If you want to get treatment in a family environment, call us at Oral & Facial Surgery of Oklahoma in OKC.

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