Top 4 Best Foods & Drinks for Your Teeth

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Diet plays an important role when it comes to identifying the distinction between a healthy smile and multiple visits to the dentist. It’s also not possible to keep your teeth healthy even with proper brushing and flossing techniques.

It’s found that a good number of foods from the entire food groups can make your teeth healthy. Therefore, in order to get a healthy smile as well as body, it’s important to maintain a balanced diet of fruits that contains protein and calcium. If you’re in OKC and suffering from a tooth problem that requires surgery, you can consider visiting an Oral Surgeon.

Here are top five best foods for your tooth:


When it comes to drinks, milk is one of the best for your teeth. Along with calcium, milk contains protein that can make your teeth stronger. Apart from that, drinking milk doesn’t cause higher levels of acid in the mouth. This helps you fight for cavities and tooth decay. If you need a dental surgeon in Oklahoma City, you should consider making an appointment at the earliest.


Although garlic is generally used in dishes, it’s an important food for your teeth. Since it contains allicin, which is a strong antimicrobial, it can easily clean out microbes in your mouth. When it comes to fighting periodontal disease, garlic is an important addition. Since an oral surgeon can help you treat your periodontal disease, you can set up an appointment at the right time if required.


Like milk, cheese contains calcium that makes your teeth stronger. Its such food type that encourages your salivary glands and creates more saliva. Apart from that, it can help you lower the amount of acid in your mouth that prevents plaque.

Tea (Black & Green)

Black and Green tea contain substances called polyphenols. These can reduce the bacteria in your mouth and other toxic products. As a part of recommendation, keeping honey and sugar aside out of your tea is good for your health. Apart from that if you’re suffering from a dental problem such as a fractured tooth, you can call in a dental surgeon.

Visit a Dentistry

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