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Post Tooth Extraction Tips: What to Do & What Not to Do

We want our teeth to last a lifetime, aren’t we? But there are certain circumstances where we need to extract some of them. Scenarios such as tooth decay, damaged tooth and cavity can force us to go for tooth extraction. If you have recently gone through tooth extraction, you should learn about the aftercare tips. […]

Learn More about Some Common Myths Regarding Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth appear mostly when you are in your late twenties. In many cases, wisdom teeth assist you while you are chewing. But when they are improperly positioned, they can create a lot of problems. They can damage your surrounding teeth and jawbones. One of the most common difficulties is – it makes you difficult […]

How Frequently Should You Brush Your Teeth?

Our well-being is influenced by a variety of things. Brushing our teeth is taught to us from an early age that it is crucial for our oral health. Most individuals should have their teeth cleaned twice a year at least, but to do daily to keep our teeth healthy? Is it necessary for me to […]

What You Must Know about Tooth Extraction

Nobody looks forward to having a tooth out, and as dentists, we don’t take it lightly! Tooth extractions have a negative connotation for most people, but with the correct dental practitioner, the treatment may be simple and painless. Every year, we extract teeth for a large number of people in the OKC area. Today we […]

Variety of Diets and Impact on Your Oral Health

This year, most people begin their journey to a healthier weight loss by going on diets. A conventional, well-balanced diet and routine exercise are popular choices for many people. Some people may turn to fad diets that promise quick weight loss while also offering other benefits. No matter what diet you pick, your oral health […]

Oral Surgeons And Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentistry is one of the most popular medical fields. There are other medical fields too that portray immense significance in the history of the medical world. And like them, dentistry has its own specialties. Dentistry is primarily divided into three respective categories that focus on three respective areas – preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry and cosmetic […]

The Differences between Oral Surgeon and Dentist

Oral surgery is surgery conducted in or around the mouth, such as a dental implant operation or tooth extraction. However, not everyone who does oral surgery is an oral surgeon, and there is a substantial distinction between getting oral surgery and visiting an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. While oral surgery is a broad term for […]

Preparing for Wisdom Teeth Removal

When it comes to wisdom teeth removal, you can never be too prepared. To have a restful recovery, it is critical that you prepare as much as possible prior to your surgery. Preparing ahead of time might also help calm any fears you may have about having your wisdom teeth extracted. We’ve put together a […]

What Should You Know About Dental Implants

Nowadays, dental implants are very popular in dental surgery across the world. According to the research, more than  69% of Americans lose teeth at the age of 35 to 44. Keep in mind that dental implants help to preserve the natural bone and stimulate the growth of the bone. After the implants, you may continue […]