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Why You Must Remove Wisdom Tooth?

Most people have wisdom teeth, and they need their teeth removed at some point or another. The removal of wisdom teeth has several benefits that affect your health and well-being. This article isn’t for all of you if you are one of 2% of the population born without that particular tooth. The last teeth you […]

Why Tooth Extraction Is Needed?

The teeth are full of nerves and so toothache is no small matter, even though it just affects part of the mouth. Dental pain is typically the product of an underlying problem, which may be worsening. Your tooth may be contaminated and you may have discomfort, sorrow and sharp pain. Read all about tooth infection. […]

How CBCT Scan Help in Implants?

In cases where regular x-rays are not sufficient, CT is often used. Your oral surgeon is able to obtain a 3-D image that is very useful for dental implants using cone beam imagery. Cone Beam CT in Comparison with Standard X-rays A regular tooth or facial x-ray provides the oral surgeon with a two-dimensional picture […]

Ways to Make Tooth Extraction Tension-Free

Dental problems are not uncommon among people. There are hardly any individual who has never visited a dentist to make their oral health stronger and smile prettier. But, when the problem is serious indeed, tooth extraction is one of the best solutions that you may need to opt for. It is always better to get […]

Signs of Wisdom Teeth Arrival

Third molars on the back of the mouth are affected with wisdom teeth which have inadequate scope for growth. The last adult teeth to reach the mouth are the wisdom teeth. Most individuals have at the base of their mouth 4 wisdom teeth — the top two, the bottom two. Impacted wisdom teeth can lead […]

Why Dental Implant Surgery is Easy and Fearless?

Dental implants have become popular for their look and durability. The titanium post in the jawbone can be attributed to each of the aspects of the latter. Since titanium has a natural bone affinity, new cells can grow over time and stick to dental implants, making them strong and durable. Obviously, dental implant surgery has […]

Know Whether Your Kid Need Dental Sealants

Although flossing and brushing will help to maintain a safe tooth and gum for your infant, it’s not so simple every time as plaque and food are in every gap consistently. Dental screening agents, a protective coating which is thin on the tooth, help prevent tooth decay. It saves these vulnerable areas that can lead […]

What To Do After Removing Wisdom Teeth?

For the first 24 hours after wisdom teeth removal, you need to go for ice compress to avoid bleeding and swelling. Warm compress will heal the pain. Try to eat cool food like ice cream. If still excessive bleeding continues, consult a doctor. **Disclaimer: This site content is not intended to be medical advice nor […]