Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Imperative: 3 Reasons to Prove

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Wondering how to give a perfect bite to your deeply frozen black forest ice cream? You have already spent a lot of sleepless nights with your wisdom teeth pain.  But you are too scared to opt for a surgery thinking it would be painful with a prolonged downtime. Nevertheless, the pain is never-ending!

You need to be cautious enough with your wisdom tooth. To keep in mind, 75% of people suffering from such pain usually go for a surgery for extraction. They have received seamless outcome and now are living their life freely.

Keep your fear at bay because tooth extraction for your wisdom tooth is no longer such a hassle. Keep trust on experienced oral surgeons who can provide you with seamless treatment related to the removal of your wisdom teeth. Find out the three common reasons behind going for an extraction.

3 Unavoidable Reasons Behind Wisdom Teeth Removal

It is common for three conditions to necessitate the wisdom teeth removal:

Infection: One of the most common causes of pericoronitis is a wisdom tooth that hasn’t erupted. Inflammation of the gum tissue is quickly followed by swelling, pain, and infection. An oral surgeon will have to remove the impacted tooth in order to restore your dental health and pain-free smile.

Developed Cyst: A cyst can form inside the jawbone and contain a fluid-filled “balloon”. This may not appear to be a major issue, but it can be quite challenging to resolve. Wisdom teeth can wreak havoc if left untreated, so it may be best to remove them before they cause damage to the rest of your teeth.

Adjacent Teeth Damage: If the wisdom tooth does not erupt properly, it can put pressure on the second molar, causing it to fracture. It’s important to note that the consequences can be serious, ranging from bone loss and tooth decay to gum disease. You should have your tooth extracted as soon as possible if the trajectory shown by X-rays indicates it is not going in the right direction.

Forewarning Signs to Watch for:

The following signs and symptoms may indicate that you need your wisdom teeth removed:

  • A stuttering inability to speak
  • Bad breath that won’t go away
  • Pain or stiffness in the jaw
  • Gums that are swollen, tender, or are bleeding
  • Having a hard time chewing.

If you notice any of these warning signs, you should make an appointment with an oral surgeon as soon as possible. A visual examination of what’s going on beneath the surface is possible from here. Next, they’ll use what they’ve learned to help you decide whether or not to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Remember that even if you don’t have any symptoms, your wisdom teeth may still need to be removed. Because of this, biannual dental examinations and cleanings are critical. Regular dental checkups allow your dentist to keep an eye on your wisdom teeth in particular for any changes. Don’t put off seeing your dentist if you’re overdue for your six-month checkup or you’re experiencing any of the symptoms listed above.

Let Go Off All the Fear:

At Oral & Facial Surgery of Oklahoma, there are some outstanding oral surgeons available to help patients and their smile. Dental implants and wisdom tooth removal are just two of the many services they offer to their patients. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, have a question about wisdom tooth extractions, or want to make an appointment.

**Disclaimer: This site content is not intended to be medical advice nor establishes a doctor-patient relationship.

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