When Shall You See A Dentist For Your Problematic Wisdom Tooth?

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You may have heard that wisdom teeth can be really problematic at times. Wisdom teeth are the third molar inside your mouth. These teeth generally appear during the ending phase of your teenage. Some of you may even see the third molar to come out during your early 20s as well. If you talk to your dentist, they will say that there is no specific time or age that your molar teeth will come out.

However, many of you may have to get wisdom teeth removal in OKC because of the problematic appearance as well as the other symptoms. Let’s take a look at the situations when you should see your dentist for wisdom teeth problems.

Crowded Growth:

Some of you have teeth that are not aligned properly. As a result, when your third molar start to appear, there is not enough space for the teeth to come out. Your mouth is already crowded with the remaining teeth. In this situation, when the wisdom teeth starts developing, they generally grow horizontally instead of vertically. If you are in this situation, you should choose wisdom teeth removal in OKC to avoid any damage. If unremoved, crowded wisdom teeth can make the teeth alignment crooked and in worst case, may even puncture your cheeks.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth:

Without enough space in your mouth, the wisdom teeth cannot emerge from the gum. This is known as impacted wisdom teeth. The teeth stay within the jaw causing immense pain. Also, this can lead to infections or cystic growth. Sometimes, the teeth may emerge partially as well. In this case, it can lead to having different oral problems including plaque, tartar, or calculus. This can also be really painful if not removed. Your dentist may ask you for wisdom teeth removal if the teeth do not emerge fully.

Symptoms That You Need To Look For:

According to any dental professional, you need to keep an eye for oral discomfort to make sure that you get treated for problematic wisdom tooth. Here are a few things that you should check for:

  • Recurring infection around or behind the last tooth
  • Tumors
  • Gum diseases
  • Pain
  • Noticeable tooth decay
  • Cysts
  • Surrounding damaged teeth

See Your Dentist Before It Is Too Late:

If you are encountering any of the problems mentioned above, you should immediately consult with your trusted dentist, Dr. Wooten. While you might be thinking that the infection will go away with anti-biotics or the pain will subside when you take painkillers, untreated wisdom teeth might cause severe issues. Hence, it is better to choose Oral & Facial Surgery to ensure oral safety.

**Disclaimer: This site content is not intended to be medical advice nor establishes a doctor-patient relationship.

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