What are the Warning Signs of Affected Wisdom Teeth?

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Wisdom teeth are healthy for some and unhealthy for others. Some can people can use it completely, others cannot. If the third molar set is completely or half impacted, you can experience dental problems.

Experiencing Too Much Pain

It is important to understand that impaction causes severe pain in your wisdom teeth. Not only that, wisdom teeth lead to inflammation as well as tenderness in different areas including your entire face.

Once your wisdom teeth are affected, you will start experiencing pain in the temporomandibular joint. It connects the skull to the bottom joint. In this case, your doctor recommends wisdom teeth removal.

Another thing that you must keep in mind is if your wisdom teeth are pressing against other teeth, you will experience aches as well as soreness. Alternatively, if the wisdom teeth are decayed, you will experience stabbing pain or dental sensitivity as well.

Swelling in Your Gum

Since your wisdom teeth come from your gum line, you will experience swollen gums along with the problem of gum bleeding. Apart from that, the jaw and glands present in your neck and shoulder swell up.

Not only that, your upper wisdom teeth, which are struggling for erupting can put a lot of pressure on your sinus. This leads to a sinus infection, which is definitely not a good thing.

Bad Breath Problems

The wisdom teeth which is partially affected are quite challenging to clean. These teeth easily accumulate food debris as well as bacteria, especially on the chewing surfaces as well as gums. Consequently, you will get gum diseases as well as bad breath. Even you can develop a bad taste in your mouth. Doctors recommend wisdom teeth removal to help you avoid these problems.

What Treatment Is Best?

Panoramic X-rays are the best choice for detecting affected wisdom teeth. Your dentist will find out and take the necessary steps to treat it. Otherwise, you might experience too much pain.

Tooth extraction is one of the effective treatments for impacted wisdom teeth. If your teeth are tough to access, they must be trapped underneath your bone. This process has to be handled by a doctor.

Before the surgery, the doctors will anesthetize your mouth before starting with the surgery. Your doctor will make small holes in the gum and break up the teeth into small pieces for extracting it.

Dealing with Wisdom Teeth Pain?

In case you are experiencing too many painful symptoms due to your affected wisdom teeth, it is better to visit the Oral & Facial Surgery of Oklahoma. Oral surgeons like Dr Wooten, over there will help in diagnosing your problem. Visit us today!

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