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7 Tips to Follow for A Speedy Recovery Post – Dental Surgery

We understand that dental surgery can be a terrifying ordeal for some of us. However, our oral surgeons assure you that it’s nothing to worry about. Timely medication and care will restore your pearly whites to their former glory in no time. Recovery After Oral Surgery Usually, a patient will take 7-15 days to recover […]

Why Choose Dental Implants for Complete Teeth Restoration?

As Hollywood diva Marilyn Monroe once wisely said, a healthy smile is the best makeup anyone can wear. But accidents happen and as painful as losing teeth is (physically and metaphorically both), there are procedures to restore the dazzle to your smile. Dental Implants VS Dentures Dental Implants are a popular option. They are permanent […]

Oral Surgeon- Top Reasons to Visit Them Regularly

Oral surgeons not only treat teeth infections but also perform cosmetic as well as restorative solutions. Even though people still avoid oral surgeries, it is impossible to ignore the long-term benefits. Moreover, due to improvements in dental technology, surgeries have become less complex. Wisdom teeth extraction It is one common oral surgery method that most […]

What Should You Do to Avoid Staining in Your Teeth?

When we notice that the hero and the heroines have the whitest teeth in the movie, we wish to have that. We may also hear about various home remedies and treatments that can keep the teeth in good condition. But what we do not know is that we have a few habits that affect our […]

How to Maintain Your Dental Implants?

Nowadays, a dental implant is one of the most common treatment options among adults in the United States. The patients undergo the treatment procedure to stabilize the denture for comfort. As reported by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, approx. three million people have already done their implants. If you have missing teeth or want […]

Dental Implants: What You Should Know

If you lose some of your teeth due to any reason, then you should consider dental implants. The gap between teeth does not only affect your smile but also has a negative impact on your health. There are various options available but dental implants are one of the most popular options. According to research, approx. […]

Why Should You Contact the Oral Surgeon for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

You may be suffering from tooth pain for a couple of days. When you visit your family dentist, the expert may recommend that you have to remove wisdom teeth. As a result, he or she refers you to an oral surgeon. You may be scared of doing surgery but there are various advantages of wisdom […]

The Preparation of Dental Implants You Need to Follow

Our goal at Oral and Facial Surgery of Oklahoma is to provide patients with the best care possible. In the event that you have lost a tooth as a result of an accident, disease, or decay, we hope to be able to restore your smile using cutting-edge dental implant technology. Dental implants give patients the […]

Eat Your Favorite Food with Dental Implants

Patients who are having their smiles restored following tooth loss worry about possible dietary restrictions. In some cases, prosthetics, such as traditional dentures, are inferior to natural teeth when it comes to chewing. A lot of meals tend to have a hard, solid feel, which might make dentures uncomfortable. Many dentures drop after chewing, especially […]

The Tips for Wisdom Teeth Extraction and Fast Recovery

Wisdom teeth removal is quite a common thing and there are more people around us who have undergone it. Here in this article we will discuss the nooks and crannies of wisdom teeth removal and recovery recommended by oral surgeons. Although we will provide detailed instructions for post-surgery care, we offer the following tips to […]