Why Should You Contact the Oral Surgeon for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

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You may be suffering from tooth pain for a couple of days. When you visit your family dentist, the expert may recommend that you have to remove wisdom teeth. As a result, he or she refers you to an oral surgeon. You may be scared of doing surgery but there are various advantages of wisdom teeth removal surgery. You should always visit a specialist who is an expert in this field. Here, we have shared a few points why you should contact an oral surgeon to do the surgery.


You need general anesthesia while doing the surgery. They are experts in this procedure and you should feel more comfortable if an expert does the process. In addition, if you experience anxiety like other patients, then you should tell the doctor about that. He or she will calm you during the surgery.


Oral surgeons have to complete their formal training so that they can perform complicated wisdom teeth extractions. After that, they also have to complete hospital-based surgical residency programs of four years. Here, they learn about general surgery, anesthesiology and medical residents in internal medicine.


You may face difficult problems while extracting the wisdom teeth. The issues are- bleeding, maxillary sinus issues, nerve injury and infection. The general dentist does not have the expertise to deal with the problems.

On the other hand, oral surgeons can easily handle such problems and you do not have to worry about anything. Moreover, there are many patients who have other health crises such as high blood pressure or diabetes. In that case, you should visit the oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal because he or she knows exactly how to handle the situation.

Anxiety Issue

You may feel anxious after hearing about dental surgery. You do not have to hide the feeling anymore because you are not alone. There are many people who suffer from the same fear and anxiety about the surgery. But if you consult with an oral surgeon instead of a general dentist, then the expert can give you sedation. As a result, you will be calm during the surgery.

Visit Your Doctor

We all feel scared whenever we hear about surgery. Nobody wants to go to the OT for a single moment. This is very common but we have to override the fear in order to keep ourselves healthy. If you take the step to do the surgery, then it is the last step of feeling pain in your mouth because of wisdom teeth. If you want to contact an experienced dentist, then visit Oral & Facial Surgery of Oklahoma. They will hear all your problems and make a suitable treatment plan in OKC.

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