What Should You Do to Avoid Staining in Your Teeth?

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When we notice that the hero and the heroines have the whitest teeth in the movie, we wish to have that. We may also hear about various home remedies and treatments that can keep the teeth in good condition. But what we do not know is that we have a few habits that affect our teeth in a negative way. If you want to get the whitest teeth like them, then you have to avoid discoloring them with various elements in the beginning.

However, if you notice pain or other discomforts in your teeth, then you should visit a dentist for oral surgery. Here, we have discussed how you can keep your smile white and bright by following a few tips.

Avoid Staining Foods

You should notice which foods stain your finger before eating. The reason is that that food can stain the teeth as well. Generally, beetroot, berries, foods with colored sauce and sticky lollies can easily stain the teeth.

Drinking Coffee, Red Wine Can Stain the Teeth

You should know that coffee is popular for staining teeth. If you drink coffee on a daily basis and do not rinse your mouth with water, then there is a high possibility that the chromogens in coffee stain your teeth over time. Drinking red wine and black tea can also stain the teeth. To avoid staining, you should drink water or rinse your mouth. If you notice pain, soreness in the teeth after drinking or eating anything, then contact the dentist for tooth extraction.

Do Not Hold Drinks and Food in Your Mouth

How much your teeth can be stained depends upon how long the drinks sit in your mouth. You should use straws while drinking the beverages so that the liquid does not stick up with your teeth for a long time.

Should Drink Plenty of Water

You should drink water every day to hydrate your body well. Not only that but also the water helps you to clean away the stains from the teeth. If the water has fluoride in it, then it can also protect the teeth from decay.

Avoid Smoking

We all know that smoking is not good for our health. It can also cause cancer. But what we do not know is that regular smoking can also stain the teeth as well. Smoking can also lead to oral health issues and pale your teeth as well.

Visit Your Dentist

Everybody should visit the dentists on a regular basis to keep their teeth in good condition. Only the dentist can tell you what to do to keep the smile beautiful. If you need oral surgery due to the current condition of your teeth, then contact Oral & Facial Surgery of Oklahoma. The expert will diagnose and make a suitable treatment plan for you in OKC.

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