Why Do You Need Professional Dental Hygiene Checkup?

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Are you one of them who avoid visiting a dentist? Doing so and not making the appointments to the dentist for hygiene check-up you are putting your oral health at risk. You could be busy with your daily chores but ignoring the professional hygiene appointment is not wise. Your teeth may get plaque buildup, tartar or cavities or other serious dental problems and end up visiting an oral surgeon. It is not troublesome, and you may have to pay more, and everything could be prevented by regular professional hygiene appointment.

Professional Hygiene Appointment Every Six months

You should go for this appointment every six months. This gives benefit to your teeth and this is your first line of defense against the dental issues. Most of the dental problems are preventable with on-time care. Here are the benefits.

No Cavities

For removing natural plaque buildup between teeth and gums a toothbrush and floss are enough. As the plaque is acidic, it affects teeth enamel and makes ways for teeth cavities and decay. With the regular hygiene appointment, you can prevent this.

Gum Disease and Tooth Loss

If the plaque is not removed or professionally not done it can cause gum problems. Gums will be weak and will not support the dental bones anymore. It will also affect the jaw resulting in teeth loss.

Bright Smile

Regular drinking and eating stain the teeth. The more you drink acidic food or drink like coffee, tea and wine, the more teeth will get stains. Sugar substances also are a reason of the stain. Nicotine also does the same to the teeth. Contact professionals every six months for dental clean up.

Fresh Breath

There could be multiple reasons behind bad breath. Cavities, tooth decay and gum diseases are reasons of bad breath. Contact a doctor to know the reason and eliminate the reason.

Why Professional Clean up Is Important?

  • The doctor will remove all the stain marks from the teeth. The stains make the teeth look dull and discolored. Once those are removed you will have a bright smile.
  • Cleaned teeth prevent gum disease and also tooth loss.
  • In America, in every hour a person dies in oral cancer. This can be prevented with on-time dental clean up and hygiene maintenance.
  • There are strong connections between cardiovascular disease and gum disease. Cleaning the teeth twice a year will help prevent dental problems and keep you away from risks from heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases.

If you do not maintain this checkup, you could end up with severe dental problems and even a dental surgery. At that time only an oral surgeon in OKC will help you. For appointment today, visit Oral and Facial Surgery of Oklahoma.

**Disclaimer: This site content is not intended to be medical advice nor establishes a doctor-patient relationship.

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