What is Baby Bottle Decay and How to Deal with It?

baby bottle tooth decay

Our teeth are one of the important parts of human body right from their birth. Baby teeth are also a very significant part and should be taken care of just life adult teeth. There are different types of risk involved for teeth decaying. One of such risks is baby bottle decay for which you may need to contact an oral surgeon to the earliest.

What Baby Bottle Decay Is All About?

When baby teeth are exposed to sugary drinks then a kind of oral disease can develop among children. If precautions are not taken, it can create obstacle in the path of new teeth formation. It might not seem to be a gruesome problem as infant teeth fall and adult teeth start growing. But the oral disease lasts for long and can have an adverse effect on the newly grown adult teeth as well.

Maintaining a proper dental hygiene at the infant age is also very necessary to allow healthy adult teeth grow. This decay can cause great loss and lasting damage.

What Are the Reasons Behind Baby Bottle Decay?

Your child’s need for healthy teeth for chewing, speaking and performing normal basic human function is very essential. The risk of baby bottle decay increases when your child consumes a lot of sugary drinks. Some of those drinks are:

  • Packaged juice
  • Soda
  • Cold drinks
  • Formula

The tooth decay can build over time, if you do not go for proper treatment from experienced oral surgeons. Otherwise, this sugar gets attached with your teeth and create cavities and tooth decay gradually.

How to Avoid Baby Teeth Decay & Maintain Basic Oral Hygiene?

  • One step that should be taken for baby teeth decay is avoiding sugary drinks. Do not allow your child to intake packaged sugary drinks much.
  • Use washcloths to clean your gums and teeth right after drinking a sugary drink.
  • Never put your toddler to bed with a bottle.

Maintaining Hygiene-

  • Make your kids brush twice a day.
  • Use proper mouthwash twice a day.
  • Clean your mouth after taking any meal.
  • Drink enough water.

Visit Oral & Facial Surgery to get experienced oral surgeons in Oklahoma. Our surgeons will provide flawless treatment if your child is suffering baby bottle decay.

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