Pregnancy and Dental Issues – Why Do You Need Dental Care?

oral issue in pregnancy

It has no denial that dental health is an integral part of overall health. Moreover, if you are pregnant, taking care of your teeth is an important part of prenatal care.

During pregnancy, you could have increased risks of health issues and it may even affect your pregnancy. There are some links between gum problems and premature birth. Premature birth is delivery that happens before time i.e. 37 weeks of pregnancy. Premature babies may get health issues and dental problems than normal babies.

Dental Problems’ Signs in Pregnancy

If you get dental issues in your pregnancy, you must call a dentist or dental surgeon. There could be visible signs like rash or coughing in pregnancy. But there could be invisible signs that others cannot see like dizziness or sore throat.

Dental problem signs –

  • Bad breath
  • Loosen teeth
  • Sore mouth
  • Lumps in gums
  • No space in teeth
  • Receding gums or pus in the gumline (here gums meet teeth)
  • Gums that bleed easily, red, swollen or tender gums
  • Toothache

Common Oral Issues in Pregnancy

Women are at high risk of oral issues in their pregnancy like gingivitis and cavities. It is better to learn the signs and to prevent problems ahead. The conditions which can worsen in pregnancy –


To an extent, most pregnant women during their course get gum disease like swollen gums, gum bleeding and pain. You must look for dental care ahead in pregnancy to look after gingivitis that can help prevent periodontal issues alongside premature delivery and low birth weight.

Tooth decay

There are multiple reasons that pregnant women get more cavities than others. First is the changing food habit in pregnancy. Second is the higher sugar and starch food consumption and cravings. Also, more morning sickness and vomiting in the course pregnancy can produce more acid in mouth and it leaves adverse effect on teeth. It damages teeth and makes them susceptible to cavities.

Tumors of Pregnancy

Some women even may develop tumors in pregnancy period as there are hormonal changes in the body. These are benign growths and occurs in the second trimester and the body’s natural healing process remove them with time. Though these tumors are not dangerous but can be removed if causes disruption while eating.

Preventing Dental Problems in Pregnancy

Have regular checkup for your teeth in and before pregnancy. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or planning it.

Tell your doctor if you have any prescribed medicine or over-the-counter medicine, health supplements or herbal products. Prescribed medicine is only taken when suggested by a health care provider. Over-the-counter medicines are generally pain relievers or cough syrup that are bought without any prescription. Health supplements are such products that you do not get enough in your food like vitamin B or iron.

Your pregnancy could be in problems if you have persisting chronic or mild health conditions. Contact Dr Wooten in Oklahoma City if you are looking for a dental surgeon.

**Disclaimer: This site content is not intended to be medical advice nor establishes a doctor-patient relationship.

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