Handling Oral Pain during Covid-19 Crisis


Handling Oral Pain during Covid-19 Crisis


Possibly you know that already. That the dull ache below the tooth will not subside by itself. It only gets worse if it goes untreated. This leads to chipped tooth. The inconvenience while consuming hot or cold food or drink is only a sign of its growing intensity. However, with many Americans struggling to wait for the latest pandemic with the coronavirus to get over, they have a lot of questions to ask.

Find out what a dental emergency is during the Covid-19 pandemic, and see what dental agencies do to help people like you who want emergency dental care or are searching for an oral surgeon.

Frequently Queried Issues by Consumers Related to Dental Care

  • If I have to take a spot, may I see a dentist?

Yes, if the condition is correct, you can always see an oral surgeon. Dental emergency treatment during this outbreak is considered an important service. Dentists have been invited by the American Dental Association to postpone all elective procedures nation-wide.

Dentists were advised by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to suspend dental services without an emergency in order to restrict interactions from person to person in the states and municipalities under security.

  • What is a dental emergency?

Overall, any oral-facial emergency involves an extremely time-sensitive facial trauma that is any problem which affects your mouth or facial bones, and that will get worse if you are not acting fast.

Higher pain and increased vulnerability are the causes of a dental problem:

  • Hard or unstoppable pain
  • Infection presence
  • The possibility of short-term or long-term effects due to lack of care


  • If I have a long-term recovery plan, what do I do?

Contact your dentist to see what you can do in your home to keep track of your progress through therapy before you get back to work and to restart treatment. Your emergency dentist will possibly ask you to stop before regular operations are restored if your care is deemed an elective procedure.

  • What if my problem is urgent but not an emergency?

Take telemedicine into consideration. Dentists are adapting to these limitations through virtual consultation as travel around the country is tightening further. You can have a Preliminary Examination with your camera and microphone via a mobile device, laptop or desktop computer. For now, it could be a 24-hour emergency dentist’s next best thing.

  • If I am in self-isolation from the coronavirus, what can I do at home?

The most important things that you can do to maintain your dental health at home are pretty much things that we all can do on a regular basis.

You can also schedule video calls with your oral surgeon to let him/her find out your condition.

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