Signs of Wisdom Teeth Arrival

wisdom teeth

Third molars on the back of the mouth are affected with wisdom teeth which have inadequate scope for growth. The last adult teeth to reach the mouth are the wisdom teeth. Most individuals have at the base of their mouth 4 wisdom teeth — the top two, the bottom two.

Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to pain, other teeth, and dental problems. In certain cases, wisdom teeth cannot cause apparent or immediate issues. Yet since they are difficult to clean, they may be more susceptible than other teeth to tooth decay and gum disease. You need to go for wisdom teeth removal before the situation deteriorates.

Impacts of wisdom teeth that cause damage are usually removed like other dental problems. Some dentists and oral surgeons also suggest that affected teeth that cause no discomfort to avoid potential complications need not to be removed.

There are some of the common signs that show that your wisdom teeth is about to appear. You have to identify the symptoms and talk to a doctor immediately.

Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth Appearance

Swelling & Redness

Often the wisdom tooth comes as crooked tooth. This is immensely painful. However, at first you may not feel the pain but notice swelling and redness within your mouth with slight pain. Generally, behind your second molar, you can notice the swelling.

Chronic Pain

Pain is one of the noticeable signs that indicate that your wisdom teeth is about to appear.  You can feel chronic pain and unable to chew your food when wisdom is just about to knock at your door.

Extreme Headache & Fever

Just like with the baby teeth, you can have low-quality fever and headaches during the growth spurt when your wisdom teeth grow. Wisdom teeth generally increase a little and then remain asleep for a while, so the signs are not permanent.

Accidental Bite

You will feel the back of your tongue or cheek scratching as you transition to the new teeth when the new wisdom tooth or teeth come out.

It’s easy to know when the teeth of your wisdom expand. Once you decide how to answer them, the tough questions emerge. If you have questions or concerns about your wisdom or other dental problems, call Oral & Facial Surgery in OKC. Dr Wooten can provide the right treatment for wisdom teeth removal.

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