Wisdom Teeth Extraction Care Guide for Better Pain Management

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Removing wisdom teeth is no doubt a critical surgical procedure. Due to this reason, the post-surgery procedure is equally painful since it takes almost a week to recover from the wound. Dental surgeons in Oklahoma recommend strict aftercare for wisdom teeth removal. Listed below is a detailed pain management method.

The surgery day

This teeth extraction process is mainly an outpatient surgery. Thus, you won’t have to stay in the surgery center. Although the process can be done using local anesthesia; some patients require general anesthesia. Once the surgery is done, you will gradually regain the feeling in your mouth. Since you will suffer pain and swelling, it is better not to panic as it can be controlled using medications.

On the first day of the recovery, you will get blood in your mouth, which is completely normal. In Oklahoma, every oral surgeon suggests applying an ice pack on the face at frequent intervals. Along with that, you will also get instructions regarding medications. Either you will get over-the-counter medications or certain painkillers. Do not forget to ask someone to accompany you to the clinic, especially if you need general anesthesia.

Going back to a normal lifestyle

After the surgery is done, you will recover within three to four days. But, if your teeth had to be extracted due to their awkward angle, it might take one complete week for recovering. At times, the wound caused due to surgery doesn’t completely heal. As a result, you might develop an infection even after the surgery. If things get too serious, it is better to consult your surgeon for further assistance.

You can get back to your daily activities after the surgery. But, try not to do any activities that will tamper with the stitches. For example, drinking using a straw, smoking, spitting, etc. The symptoms will no longer be there within a week.

Alternatively, if you face any nerve damage, you can encounter symptoms like numbness, trouble in swallowing, blood coming out of your nose, etc. In this case, seek immediate help from your doctor.

Care at home

Taking good care at home is yet another one of the important things that you need to keep in mind after wisdom teeth extraction. Your dentist will ask you not to brush, floss, or even rinse your mouth for a day. Instead, what you have to do is use salt water to rinse your mouth as it will clean the wound. Don’t spit the water and use the tip of your mouth to throw the water out.

You can get back to your daily activities post-surgery. Just like other scabs, the blood clot on the wisdom teeth hole protects the wound. Try not to disrupt it as it will increase the chances of infection.

Worried about your wisdom teeth pain?

Wisdom teeth can be too painful, especially for those who don’t have enough space in their jaws. Tooth extraction is the only option in this case. Dr. Wooten at Oral & Facial Surgery of Oklahoma can help you with a pain-free teeth extraction. Book your schedule today!

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