When Do You Need an Oral Surgery after a Car Accident?

When Do You Need an Oral Surgery after a Car Accident

Is it appropriate to think of oral surgery to repair any mouth injuries? If you have been injured in a car accident and have dental issues, the next move is a dental consultation to make a full assessment. The lesions may be minimal or serious. You will have to undergo oral surgery to repair them if they are severe. You have to contact an oral surgery specialist of Oklahoma, if you are a resident of this location.

  • Auto Accidents Crash

Do you wonder if you need oral operation? Although car accidents happen all the time, after an accident, nobody knows what sort of injuries they’ll be subjected to. While whiplash, fractured bones and knee trauma are some of the most common forms of injuries, oral lesions are also common. The only way you can recognize the seriousness of the injury is to see a dental surgeon.

  • Oral Operation Reasons

The following list contains some of the more popular explanations that someone wants oral surgery after an accident in a vehicle.

  • The Affected Teeth

Whenever the teeth in a car accident have been affected, the damaged teeth may need to be repaired by oral procedure. A few examples include the reparation of any significant damage to the tooth, the replacement of all knocked teeth by dental implants and the proper functioning of the dental tooth.

  • Injury to soft tissue

If you have soft tissue injuries following a car accident, it means that you have lacerations in and around your mouth, including your gums. If the genomes are lacerated, a dentist has to suture the genomes to repair them.

  • Injuries to Bone

Bone injuries related to Jaw are also a common form of car accident injury. For people who have sustained a bone injury, corrective jaw surgery is also required. Bone breaking, nasal bone, cheekbone and jawbone are common injuries.Whether or not the injury is severe or minor, it is necessary to heal any form of bone injury in the face area as soon as possible.

  • TMD

Yes, following a car accident someone may be diagnosed with a temporomandibular condition. Although jaw pain is one of the most common symptoms of TMD, other symptoms include trouble when you chew food, a banging sound when you open the mouth, continuous earaches and/or headaches and, when it’s open or closed, a jaw lock in place.

  • You need an appointment with the dentist?

Do you need to know if oral surgery is needed to fix any mouth injuries you have suffered after a car accident? It is time for us to get you scheduled so just call us now to book an appointment at the time. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Oral & Facial Surgery in Oklahoma. Now if you have any questions, our oral surgery specialists can give you the answers you need.

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