What to Expect During the Tooth Extraction Process?

Although permanent teeth are meant to last for a lifetime and only to decay due to age, there are a few reasons you need to extract a tooth. A common reason for tooth extraction is damaged tooth, decayed or trauma in tooth. Other reasons could be the following –

Crowded Mouth

Dentists pull a tooth too save space and ready the mouth for an orthodontic treatment. It could be needed for aligning the teeth structure which is not possible with existing big tooth in the mouth. Similarly, a tooth might not get space to erupt if there is a little or no gum space; therefore, it could be need to be extracted.


If a tooth is decayed or the damaged has reached the pulp as well as the tooth containing nerves and the vessels, bacteria would get a chance to enter the pulp. Everything will result in further infection. Root Canal Therapy or RCT could be a good treatment option. Sometimes, when the infection is severe, antibiotics or RCT cannot correct it leaving the extraction the last option.

Infection Risks

If you have a weakened immune system (like you are receiving chemotherapy or organ transplant) you have to pull a tooth if there are chances of getting the tooth infected.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease

If you get periodontal disease around the tissues and bones supporting the teeth as it may cause you loosing the tooth, you have to extract the tooth.

What Can You Expect in the Process?

Depending on the tooth condition – either it is impacted or visible – you will get a simple tooth extraction or a surgical extraction. The process will completely remove the tooth.

A simple extraction would need local anesthesia to numb the area. It will only give you a little pressure during the process. The doctor will use surgical equipment. The first one is an elevator to loosen the tooth from the gum and a force to remove it.  When it comes to surgical extraction, the doctor takes help of both local as well as intravenous anesthesia. The doctor will make a small incision in to the pulp or the gum for bone removal before pulling the tooth.

After the Process

Once the tooth is removed, you can go back home. You would have to take prescribed antibiotics for a few days and follow an after care process for the initial days.

  • Avoid straws
  • Have good rest
  • Doo not smoke
  • Do not eat or drink anything hot
  • Do not rinse your mouth

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