What Should You Know About Oral Surgery?

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Generally, dentists perform the surgical process in your jaw and mouth. There are various types of oral surgery to reduce the problem such as root canal, tooth removal, maxillofacial surgery and gum graft. Among the dentists, mainly periodontists, prosthodontists and endodontists do the surgery according to your problem.

When a general dentist cannot solve the dental problem anymore by medications, then you need to do oral surgery. For instance, if you are suffering from gum disease and the dentist recommends you to do a gum graft, then you need to go to a periodontist for the surgery.

How Can You Prepare for Oral Surgery?

The dentist may provide you with a few pre-surgery instructions. You should follow them accordingly. You may have to stop eating or drinking 8-10 hours before the surgery. Make sure that when you return home, it should be clean so that you can rest there comfortably. You should arrange for transportation before the surgery. The expert may give you anesthesia during the surgery. So, you may not be able to drive back home. If they give you IV anesthesia, in that case, someone should be there with you.

The Risk Factor 

The post-surgery effect may vary from person to person. You may notice bleeding from the particular area after the tooth extraction process. Few patients also experience prolonged bleeding because our mouth can produce saliva constantly. But the dentist can prevent the condition by applying pressure and putting gauze to the area. You can also notice numbness and swelling after the oral surgery. It can be reduced over time. Remember feeling numbness is a positive sign because it is proof that the anesthetic has worked.

What Should You Eat After Surgery?

You should eat soft food at room temperature right after the surgery. Do not drink anything through a straw and you should avoid crunchy and hard food. The following food you can eat after the tooth extraction including,

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Soups, broths
  • fruit or vegetable purees
  • Yogurt
  • Ice cream, pudding.

Few Important Facts

Remember that you cannot smoke or drink alcohol after the surgery because it can slow the recovery process. If you notice pain in that area, then apply an ice pack to reduce the pain. You can rinse your mouth with salt water frequently to kill the germs instead of brushing.

Visit Your Dentist

If you notice dental problems for a few days and cannot reduce pain by applying home remedies, then it’s time to visit Oral & Facial Surgery of Oklahoma. Dr. Wooten can evaluate your dental condition and recommend a suitable solution for you in OKC.