Want to Recover from Post-oral Surgery? Check Out These Killer Tips

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Removing wisdom teeth is a standard form of oral surgery and is done every year by thousands of patients without incident. You can become one of them! Use the following tips to minimize your risk of post-extraction complications and speed up your recovery from a future tooth extraction.

Try Controlling Blood Loss

Some blood loss is expected after having a wisdom tooth removed. Put some gauze on the affected area but make sure not to chew it. You can also employ a moistened tea bag, as it will make the blood clot more likely with its tannic acid.

Minimize Swelling

Swelling in the face is typical during the first few days following the procedure. Ice packs can be used to control and even prevent swelling by applying them to the side of the face for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. Right after the operation, icing can start, even before swelling occurs.

Chew on Soft Food

You must drink only liquids and eat only extremely soft foods, such as yoghurt and applesauce, for the first 24 to 48 hours after your surgery. You can move on to other foods, such as oatmeal, eggs, and toast, following that. You should avoid skipping meals and make sure you get enough protein. You will recover faster if you consume enough calories to give you a sense of well-being. The majority of patients are able to return to a normal diet within seven to ten days following their procedure.

Be Sure To Focus On Dental Hygiene

It is essential to be mindful of surgical sites when brushing and flossing. After your surgery, it is advised to rinse your mouth with warm saltwater 5 to 6 times a day to reduce the risk of infections and keep your mouth clean. This saltwater also has a calming effect on swelling.

Avoid Straws and Cigarettes

Smoking is never a good idea for oral health, but it is especially detrimental to oral health following oral surgery. The process of inhaling cigarette smoke can extend the healing time, and the act of smoking could dislodge the blood clots from where your wisdom teeth were removed. After your surgery, you’ll want to avoid drinking with a straw, because it could potentially affect your blood clots.

Be Cognizant Of Your Body

If you’ve had oral surgery to have your wisdom teeth removed, you may feel unusually tired as your body heals. You should not be afraid to rest longer or watch some of your favorite movies during your recovery. And, remember, the physical strain of strenuous exercise may lengthen your recovery time.

Are you planning to have your tooth extraction soon? By following the above tips, you can have a fast and easy recovery. Contact Dr Wooten in Oklahoma Oral & Facial Surgery for the extraction and also follow his given post-surgery recovery tips.