Treatment Follow-up with Dental Surgeon after an Auto Accident

Accidents occur and can leave us in shock when they do. The physical characteristics of the accident like the damage to their necks and bodies are of more concerned for the majority of the people after the trauma.

For some, it is an issue when physical assessment is about injuring their mouths. However, it can be crucial to ensure that your mouth is thoroughly inspected after an accident and if needed do a surgery done by maxillofacial surgeon.

Why Do You Have to Look at Us?

The extent of damage to the mouth following an accident can be determined by an oral surgeon. There are two primary impacts that can be made directly and indirectly for your teeth. Direct damage means that during the accident you were hit in the face.

Indirect is something that can push or close your mouth while impacting. Depending on how quickly you were in the wreck, how much aid you may need afterwards might be determined. If at the time of the accident something, such as ice or gum, was in your mouth, it is always important to look for help.

Oral Operation Reasons

The following list includes some of the more common reasons why an oral surgery may take place after an accident in a car.

Damaged Teeth

In any event, the damaged teeth may have to be fixed using oral surgery in a car accident. A few examples are repairing major damage caused to the tooth, to ensure that a completely knocked out tooth is functioning, is reinserted and stabilized and dental implants replace all knocked teeth.

Injury of soft tissue

When someone is involved in a car accident when they have soft tissue injuries, they will have lacerations in or around their mouth, including gums. When the gums are lacerated, a dental practitioner must suture the gums to repair them.

Bone Injury

In order to repair the bone, someone may have to undergo oral surgery. Bone injuries associated with jaw tend to be a common type of car accident injury, often requiring corrective jaw surgery for those suffering from a bone injury. Injuries to the common bone include an eye socket fracture, nasal bone, cheekbone and jawbone. Whether the injury is minor or complex, all bone injuries in the face must be remedied as soon as possible.


Yes, someone who is involved in a car accident can be diagnosed with a temporomandibular disorder. Main symptoms include difficulty opening up the mouth when chewing food, hearing a popping sound when you open your mouth, continuous ears and / or headaches and actually holding your jaw locked when you open or close your mouth.

Search for help following an accident

We at Oral and Facial Surgery of Oklahoma can help to evaluate the situation and decide on the treatment required after an accident. We can help to restore your tooth if you get a fracture or wrecked tooth. We will be able to determine if a tooth is knocked out or if jaw damage is done. We can help to keep it in place or in the socket, if you notice that a tooth is loose. It is essential to inspect your mouth immediately after an accident to help you recover. You may need help of a maxillofacial surgeon in OKC.

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