Top 5 Post-Operative Instructions for Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Removing one of your impacted teeth is always a big matter. But when it comes to getting rid of unnecessary pain, infection and swelling, post-operative care is very important. Reaching out to home after the surgery doesn’t mean everything is okay. Special considerations have to be followed to make sure how to take care of yourself when you’re at home. Here are top 5 post-operative instructions for wisdom teeth removal:

Take Your Prescribed Medications

Prescribed pain medications are a must-have when you begin to feel discomfort. Be sure to follow other necessary instructions while taking medications. When your pain subsides, you can change your medication. It’s recommended to contact a doctor to decide how much over-the-counter medications you can take.

Do Not Drive

Driving is strictly prohibited post 24 hours of your wisdom teeth removal. It’s not recommended to drive while you’re taking pain medications as this can put you in utter discomfort.

Follow a Soft Diet

When it comes to the healing process after surgery, give essential nutrients to your body. When it’s your initial post-surgery days, stick with a soft diet. Try to eat foods that are easy to swallow. You can add applesauce, mashed potatoes, cheese and smoothies in your food chart.


Just like nutrition, hydration is equally essential to maintain after surgery. Drink liquids as much as you can. In doing so, be sure to avoid alcohol and caffeine. Do not use straw, it can lead to blood clot. Use a spoon instead and fasten the healing process.

Physical Activities

Physical activities do play an important role in making you active and full of strength. But it’s also essential to minimize those activities after surgery. Some strenuous workouts can cause you bleeding or affect your surgery site. If you’re a gym lover, take your time before get into the groove.

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