Tooth Extraction Care – What You Ought to Do?

The tooth extraction is not exactly at the top of anybody’s list of ‘things to do’. Therefore, when you come to us, we try to make the stay as enjoyable as possible. We, at Oral & Facial Surgery in OKC try to make you comfortable entirely.

Following tooth removal, proper dental hygiene and precautions are particularly important. When you are not careful, it can be a dry socket, which is much more painful than the extraction of the tooth. Store liquid favourites such as smoothie ingredients and apple sauce before you go for a tooth extraction.

Don’t worry, if the first time you face a tooth extraction. Most individuals never get dry sockets and just a couple of days later feel great. You have to do a little preparatory work, however. After an extraction, this is the best way to recover.

Go for Preplanning

After tooth extraction, many people need nothing more than an OTC painkiller like Tylenol. Make sure you get a bottle and take a dose right after extraction, and don’t wait for the pain to start. You can also ask us, and we’re going to advise you on a painkiller.

Wait for at least 12 hours before cardiomyopathy, sleep on a pillow in the evening after the operation and don’t lift for three days in the gym. Getting the blood pump can cause the tooth socket to bleed. Consider this an excuse for a few days approved by the doctor.

Care for Oral Health

Avoid rinsing the day after the operation. The next day, you can gently rinse with warm salt water, so that the formation of coagulations at the site is not disturbed. Continue to rinse with warm salt water until the site is completely healed.

Avoid brushing the extracted tooth site effectively. The damp cloth or gaze can be wiped out, but the best way to cure the site is to do so for the first week. A rinse is sufficient to maintain the area clean. Some struggle because of swelling with the rest of their teeth but a Peridex rinser is sufficient for a couple of days as a brushing alternative.

Side Affect Handling

Some people have serious swelling, especially if they remove all of their wisdom teeth in one operation. In the area where the surgery is performed, putting an ice pack on your face helps reduce swelling and pain. You can start using the ice pack directly after surgery to reduce symptoms. Heat is not advised until the inflamed area is settled. Heat helps the jaw muscles relax, but has little influence on the removal area.

For two days, the pain will increase, it will decrease on third day onwards. Call our office if pain increases after day three, you might get a dry stick or other trauma. In most cases, the best anti-inflammatory reliever available is motrin / ibuprofen (200 mg). Please consult your doctor about the best medication choice if you have an allergy, if you can’t take Motrin or if it hurts your stomach.

If antibiotics are prescribed, take them in full and do not stop as soon as you begin to feel better.

Do not worry about tooth extraction and consult Dr Wooten at Oral and Facial Surgery in OKC. He is a renowned doctor who can treat your dental problems appropriately.

**Disclaimer: This site content is not intended to be medical advice nor establishes a doctor-patient relationship.

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