Things to Know about What Maxillofacial Surgery Is

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When it comes to cosmetic surgery, people mostly think that it is related to face lifting. However, maxillofacial is much more than just face lifting. From rhinoplasty to sculpting brows to changing the jaw shape – there are many things that can be done through maxillofacial.

Every maxillofacial surgeon in OKC and other parts of the USA has to go through extensive training. Surgeons need to be trained to operate on soft tissue like skin and muscle as well as hard tissue such as teeth and bone.Here are examples of a few procedures that are part of maxillofacial.


There are two types of facelifts surgeries – cosmetic facelift and traditional facelift surgery. In the process of a traditional facelift, fat is redistributed throughout the neck, jaws, and other parts of the face. Muscles and tissues are sculpted to make sure that the face looks more sculpted.

When it comes to cosmetic facelifts, maxillofacial surgeons perform the surgery to remove fine lines from the skin to reduce the signs of aging.

Botulinum Toxin:

Botulinum is a bacterium that produces a toxin that is used to create the drug Botox that is injected right beneath the facial skin. Even though Botox is not a permanent solution, it is one of the most used drugs to treat wrinkles, crow’s feet, gummy smiles, creases on the forehead, etc.

Botox is a stable compound and hence, it is preferred by most maxillofacial surgeons. Once the drug is injected, the muscles do not receive any signals from the connected nerves. As a result, they cannot contract, which in turn stops wrinkles from forming.


Nose shapes a face. Many people do not like the way their nose looks and they want to fix the nose surgically. The process of changing the appearance of the nose is known as rhinoplasty. Sometimes clients want the maxillofacial surgeon to reduce the size of their nose; some clients want to make their nose pointy, and some clients want to fix their breathing problems that they might be facing due to their bone structure.

Apart from the surgeries mentioned above, maxillofacial surgeons can perform other facial surgeries as well. There are many clinics that offer cosmetic surgeries. However, it is extremely necessary for the clients to choose a professional clinic such as Oral and Facial Surgery and consult Dr Wooten who  has the expertise and experience to perform such complex surgeries. If not performed by expert surgeons, cosmetic surgeries can easily go wrong.

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