The Wisdom Teeth Removal AmongAdults

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The third molars or the teeth of wisdom usually do not exist until adolescence. Some people choose to put in place that tooth if they are not immediate problems. Patients experiencing problems with their wisdom teeth will have to weigh up the challenges they face in adult weight-related complications. If you’re an adult in Oklahoma who still has his or her teeth, here are some of the reasons for consultation about the wisdom teeth removal with an oral surgeon.

Pain Which Is Chronic

If your wisdom teeth are still there, it may become asymptomatic for decades and then pain is suddenly caused. If this happens, the only way to be relieved is by removing the wisdom teeth. The pain can start from pressure on the teeth of the wisdom nerves as they develop as you grow older to the formation of cavities in your teeth near your wisdom teeth. Consult an oral surgeon to find out if the cause of your pain is your wisdom teeth and if they can solve the problem.


Often wisdom teeth are only partial, so that a pocket can form near the teeth along the gum. These pockets often fill food, plaque, and bacteria with which brushes and flosses are hard to remove. Infections that can spread to neighboring teeth and gum tissue and cause severe complications without proper cleaning can increase. Such infections could even enter your bloodstream and cause systemic illness.

Tooth Decaying

It is not easy to clean even when the teeth of wisdom erupt properly. They are often crowded with the teeth beside them, which makes it impossible to flow and obscure parts of the teeth to brush the teeth thoroughly. For these reasons cavities are common in both the teeth of wisdom and in their surrounding teeth. Oral surgeons who take off wisdom teeth in adults must also remove the nearby teeth due to advanced decay.

How the extraction of teeth works

The wisdom teeth removal is usually quick and uncomplicated. Incisions to enable the dentist to reach the teeth of knowledge are required in order to do so. In many circumstances, however, the removal of wisdom teeth causes minimal trauma to gums and bones. A dentist may ask that patients not take blood dilutive medicines, which can make it difficult for your body to develop blood coagulations, before oral surgery. Postoperative care options may also be discussed since patients usually require someone to take care of their needs during the first 24 hours.

Why Patients Over the Age of 65 Should Recognize Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Patients who seek wisdom teeth removal from an oral surgeon frequently do so because they are experiencing pain. As long as the third molars continue to press against the other teeth, they will continue to cause discomfort for those who are affected by them. Pain, on the other hand, is perhaps the least harmful of the side effects of having problematic wisdom teeth, according to research.

When the third molars fail to erupt properly, they have the potential to cause an infection in the gingiva. Infection can then spread to neighboring healthy teeth, resulting in further oral health problems down the road. Because of the force exerted by the wisdom teeth on the surrounding tissues of the mouth, other teeth may begin to move. This can result in misalignment issues that necessitate additional dental work in order to correct and restore the teeth to their proper position.

Wisdom teeth removal is a surgical process that needs experts. Come to Oral and Facial Surgery of Oklahoma and schedule an appointment with Dr Wooten.

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