The Necessity of Wisdom Teeth Removal

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‘Should I go for wisdom teeth removal? Probability is, if you’re asking this inquiry, your wisdom teeth are bothering you. Third molars, or wisdom teeth, are located in the back of the mouth. Last to erupt, they are the furthest back in the mouth. It is possible for wisdom teeth to erupt without causing any pain, discomfort, or cause for concern in some cases. For particular patients, wisdom teeth are removed due to discomfort. How did you find out about it? Here are some of the common symptoms to notice:

  • Jaw bone pain
  • Ear, jaw, and head pain
  • It’s important to note that swelling and inflammation are signs of infection
  • It is possible that the third molar is sensitive due to cavities
  • If you have a bad breath, it could be an illness
  • The failure to adequately clean and floss might produce bad breath
  • Inflammation of the sinuses caused by the third molars pressing against them
  • Teeth shifting
  • A third molar cyst

Wisdom teeth, on the other hand, might cause complications if they don’t have enough area to grow properly. Many different angles in the jaw are possible for wisdom teeth to erupt. Problems with wisdom teeth can include:

  • Stay hidden in the gums. Wisdom teeth get impacted if they are unable to erupt properly. This can lead to an infection or a cyst, which can damage other dental roots or bone support, if left unchecked.
  • Penetrate the gums somewhat. It’s not easy to detect or clean this area, so wisdom teeth that partially emerge form a tunnel which bacteria, which cause gum disease and oral infections, can thrive in.
  • Overcrowding of adjacent teeth. Insufficient space for wisdom teeth to fully emerge might cause crowding or damage to adjacent teeth.

It is recommended by some dentists to go for wisdom teeth removal if they haven’t fully formed yet. Dentists feel that it’s best to remove wisdom teeth at a younger age, when the roots and bone haven’t fully grown, and when the recovery time is quicker. So, some young adults get their wisdom teeth removed before they become problematic.

You should visit your dentist for an examination and x-ray if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above. An oral surgeon specializes in the surgical extraction of wisdom teeth and the administration of IV anesthetic if the wisdom teeth look to be problematic.

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