How Is It Important to Replace Missing Teeth?

Dental implants after tooth extraction can make a big difference in the lives of our patients. We have seen patients suffering from missing teeth or unpleasant dentures for several years. For many, tooth implants are as close as possible to recovering their natural teeth. This treatment offers permanent replacement for the natural appearance of your tooth that gives your smile confidence. Although the benefits of dental implants may be obvious, people will ignore the missing teeth and do not consider them to be sufficiently important to replace them. Linked, untreated teeth can cause a far greater problem than aesthetics.

Loose or Shifting Teeth

If each tooth is carefully lined and stable in your mouth, they can maintain alignment and stability. But you run the risk of shifting your teeth if you lack a tooth. Teeth may move away, leading to a bite change, a possible gum disease and possible tooth decay.

May Change the Face Appeal

The ADA says your teeth may shift, making your face look older, even when your back tooth is lost. Every aspect of your face is linked, so your bone may deteriorate as a result of the loss of a tooth and your muscles fall over time. Replacing the missing tooth keeps others in place, ensuring that your mouth remains healthy (with proper oral care).

Affects Mental Health

It can affect your mind. You might remember how hard it can be to chew your smile with a hole when you have ever had a missing tooth (and we all have it at some point!). The missing tooth cannot be fun, not just adult, as a kid. Some people may find that the missing tooth affects the patterns of their speech, which may result in a loss of trust. Your tooth replacement may get used to, but it is temporary and much better for a constant disturbance. Patients with implants often talk about how not only they look like a natural tooth, but also their true tooth.

TMJ disorder

The muscles at your jaw side are called temporomandibular joints or TMJs, which help you to chew and rotate your jaw. Changes in these muscles and the system to which they are linked can cause a lot of physical pain. The loss of tooth and the failure to replace it is a change that can lead to TMJ disorder.


Although the effects of missing teeth are very superficial for those with all their teeth, they are quite real. We all care about our appearance to varying degrees, so that loss of only one tooth can cause emotional pressure. There are a few reasons why people may be missing teeth, the most common cause is tooth decay.

Digestive Issues

Studies have shown that our digestive system is improved when a healthy set of teeth and gum helps us chew food correctly. We develop saliva that helps the decomposition of some carbohydrates when food is properly chewed. Therefore, how you chew your food is just as important as the food quality you digest. You can’t properly chew results in missing some of the nutrients that contribute to your overall health.

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