How Bad is Sugar for Your Oral Health?

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If you ask any oral surgery specialists of Oklahoma, they will tell you that sugar is bad for your teeth. But the real question is how bad? Well, trust us when we say that there is a term called ‘too much sugar’. Yes, eating candies on birthdays or mochas on winter afternoons can take a toll on your oral health. Sugar can cause plaque and even cavities that are irreversible damage.

So, how can you maintain your oral health without compromising on the chocolate cake? Let us take a look below:

Fighting against plaque:

While brushing your teeth regularly and flossing can keep away plaque, you may still notice a film on your teeth. Many of you will not even realize that this is the first step towards having bad teeth. Now, as if the plaque was not enough, you start feeding it sugar. Do not get us wrong. But when you eat something that contains sugar, it starts mixing with a plaque and producing acid. We all know that acid can destroy the enamel of our teeth. Even though Drwooten of Oklahoma City offers dental implants, he suggests keeping your teeth healthy as long as possible. So, if you notice a plaque on your teeth, it is best to get it treated before it can cause other major issues. Also, reducing the intake of sugar will prevent cavities, which are results of an acidic oral environment.

Prevention is better than cure:

According to Drwooten, you do not need to give up sugar completely to maintain your oral health. There are healthier ways that allow you to enjoy your favorite dessert without causing harm to your teeth. If you think that you having candies or drinks or pastries, is the only source of sugar in your diet, you are not right. Fruits and some vegetables are the sources of naturally occurring sugar that can also affect your oral health. Oral surgery specialists of Oklahoma suggest a few points that you can keep in mind to take preventive measures:

  • Read labels before buying to reduce the intake of sugar
  • Avoid drinking fruit juice, bottled beverages, soda pops, etc.
  • Brush twice a day and floss once after dinner
  • Avoid grinding your teeth to prevent decaying of tooth enamel
  • If you need to have something with added sugar, have it with a larger meal so that the saliva and the other food particles decrease the acidity caused by sugar.

Drwooten wants you to enjoy your life without compromising on all the good food. If you are in need of dental implants or regular oral checkup, Drwooten is here to help you out. Contact Oral & Facial surgery of Oklahoma without delay.

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