Difference Between Dental Bridge and Dental Implant?

dental implant

The two most popular solutions for damaged dentures are dental bridges and implants. The Bridge Implant Guide compares the difference between these common treatments for tooth replacement and helps you select the best alternative. If you need to replace missing teeth by looking at the pros and cons of the options below and need advice on the choices. Before going for a dental implant in OKC, read this article.

Dental bridges can be used to satisfy a gap that can be created by one or more teeth. Your implanted teeth can give you a shape to appear as natural as possible and give a complete smile.

Why Dental Bridges Is Beneficial?

  • Faster and safer treatment than dental implants
  • Safer and more affordable choice
  • Create a natural smile
  • Can last 10 to 15 years with proper care
  • Stable and safe
  • Short recovery period


  • Shorter length of time to remove the bone
  • Risk for tooth decay and gum disease as they are vulnerable to plaque-building
  • Needs more attentive oral hygiene
  • Healthy neighboring teeth should be preserved so that the bridge can be repaired.

A dental implant is used in the prudence of the tooth as an artificial tooth root.  The teeth are not present, due to the damage in the nerve root. A stable foundation for the false substitute tooth is created with a screw anchor.


  • Strong and stable implant to help you.
  • Stimulates and protects your bones to prevent the loss of bones.
  • Surgery does not damage overlapping teeth.
  • Wider or less vulnerable to regression or gum disorders.
  • Steady implants to last a life with proper care and cleaning.


  • It can take several months and may require multiple visits to your dentist.
  • A more invasive alternative, such as bone grafting check with your dentist, if you decide between a dental bridge and a dental implant, visit your dentist for an approved dental treatment.
  • Additional treatment, such as bone grafting

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