Dental Implants: An Ultimate Solution for Missing Teeth

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The tooth is an important part of our face. Therefore, it matters to us if we lose teeth for any reason. Tooth loss can impact our overall outer appearance and confidence. If you are going through this awkward situation, then you can do a dental implant. It is an optimal solution for tooth loss.

Nowadays, a dental implant is one of the most advanced tooth replacement technologies. You should consult with an oral surgeon to know about the procedure of dental implants.

The Foundation of Dental Implant

The dental surgeon inserts small titanium cylinders into the jaw of the patient. The treatment is helpful for replacing the root of missing teeth. Keep in mind that titanium is biocompatible. That is why surrounding bone tissue creates a bond with the dental implant via osseointegration.

After a few months, osseointegration helps to leave the dental implants in the jaw. It acts as a fixture for supporting various types of needed restoration such as:

  1. It acts as a bridge for replacing a stretch of missing teeth.
  2. Crown for replacing a single tooth.
  3. Denture for replacing an entire arch.

The oral surgeon evaluates the quality of the bone to see if it has the ability to support osseointegration or not. If you have insufficient bone tissue, then you should ask the dental surgeon for a preliminary bone graft.

The Importance of Dental Implants

You should know that dental implants require a multi-step treatment process along with surgical procedures. You can get various advantages including:

  1. Durability

If you follow the guidelines of a dental surgeon, then it can last for decades. You have no worry about the durability.

  1. Comfort

Dental implants almost look like biological teeth. Therefore, you will feel it as a natural part of your face.

  1. Stability

If an expert oral surgeon does the dental implant, then it can successfully prevent jawbone atrophy. Therefore, the supported appliance can keep its fit over time.

  1. Functionality

You can feel more comfortable while chewing if you have done a dental implant. According to research, It is better than prosthetics.

Bring Back Your Smile

You may have lost your teeth for some reason and wanted to bring back both confidence and smile again. Then you can contact Oral & Facial Surgery of Oklahoma in OKC. Dr. Wooten will guide you to find the best solution for your problem in Oklahoma City.

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