Dental Implant: The Truth You Yet to Know

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It is not unnatural to suffer from missing tooth. Whether you have lost a tooth due to an accident or you have to get the tooth extracted, you are eligible for having dental implants in OKC. Having a missing tooth or keeping a damaged tooth untreated can cause complications. You could jeopardize the stability of the foundation of your teeth. Having a dental implant will ensure that the structure inside your mouth gets a support when there is one tooth missing from the whole set.

Also, having a damaged or missing tooth can affect the overall aesthetics of your smile. You should definitely consider getting tooth implant so that you can restore your smile. If you are not sure about getting dental implant because you do not know how long it will take you to recover, here are some basics that can help you.

Dental implant – what is it?

Dental implants are basically posts that are made of metal. The oral surgery specialists of Oklahoma prefer titanium for this. When you are dealing with a missing tooth, your dentist will implant the post inside your jawbone. The metal post replicates the root of the tooth and supports the other teeth around the missing tooth. These implants work for one or more missing teeth. However, if you are looking for a solution that is more permanent, you can choose conventional dentures.

The Procedure of Dental Implant Surgery:

When you meet the oral surgery specialists of Oklahoma for a dental implant surgery, they will first assess the positioning of the bone and the nerves inside your mouth. This step is necessary as this allows your dentist to understand how they want to position the implant. If you have any damaged tooth, your dentist will remove the tooth from the root so that the implant can be placed properly. The metal post is placed into your gum through a small incision.

Recovery Period:

There is no specific time limit that works for everyone. It will depend on how well your body is able to heal after the first dental implant procedure is done. While some people do not feel any pain or swelling within the next three months, for some, it may take up to six months.

Where to Get Your Implant From?

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