Dental Abscess and Its Treatment

dental abscess

What is a dental abscess?

We have all had them, but sometimes toothache can be a symptom of a deeper, worse dental infection, called an abscess.

Read more about this today — what it is, what signs are and what steps you can take to prevent the development in your mouth.

When left untreated, a dental abscess can cause severe pain and complications. Excessive bacteria, commonly in tooth decay, contribute to abscesses. Abscesses impact teeth, but the gum is being affected by two forms of abscesses. You can consult with a dental surgeon in Oklahoma City if you face such problems.

Gingivales (early stage) -An abscess which affects the outside of the gums and occurs if food becomes caught in the gums and causes bacteria to accumulate.

Periodontal (late stage) – An abscess that grows further into the gums and extends into the tissues and jaw bones around the gums.

Common Symptoms of Dental Abcess

We can discuss some typical symptoms which characterize the disease now that we know what a dental abscess is.

  • Swell lymph nodes
  • Difficulty to chew and swallow
  • Sensitivity
  •  Bad breath
  •  Bitter/foul taste
  •  Tooth discharges
  •  Blood in gums
  •  Red gums

How Can Dental Abscess Risk Be Prevented Conveniently if Proper Dental and Oral Care Is Practiced?

First, routine checks in our office in Oklahoma City with your family dentists. They also recommend that you wash and float at home two times a day and also switch your toothbrush every three months because the abscess is bound to a tooth decay. In addition, consider periodically adding an extra layer of bacterial defense using a mouthwash with fluoride as an active ingredient. Eventually, reduce sugar consumption and eat more healthy options such as water and green vegetable products.

Schedule an appointment with Dr Wooten associated with Oral and Facial Surgery of Oklahoma to get rid of these problems. A good dental surgeon of OKC can understand your requirement and provide you with proper treatment.

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