Bone Grafting for Sinus and Dental Implant

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Though regenerating bone sounds like a story but it is scientifically proven for treating bone loss in upper jaw. The sinus surgery or sinus membrane lift or sinus augmentation process is well-known in restorative dentistry to help in bone growth. This is the treatment that allows dental implant process and also preferable for replacing failing or missing teeth.

Many people get insufficient bone in their upper jaw after an extended time of tooth extraction. If there are less bone that means, there is less space for anchoring a dental implant. Considering that dental implants are perfect for natural teeth restoration, sinus surgery is essential for a good oral appearance. If you also need different options, talk to a dental surgeon.

Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

When you lose teeth due to periodontal disease, infection or other injuries, a dental implant gives you a safer and excellent option that is long-lasting at the same time. This is an artificial tooth that is inserted to the jaw for holding a replaced tooth or bridge in the place. Implants do not look artificial, this is natural and after completion of the process, the tooth functions like a natural tooth. Implants are also beneficial for other teeth as they do not need support to stand strong from other neighboring teeth.

Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery is done in multiple stages. Once the damaged tooth is removed, the jawbone is made ready for surgery. This is the time for bone grafting. This bone grafting process helps in replacing and regenerating the missing bone. This is also beneficial for restoring the facial contour. A person may also lose bone because of a trauma, injury, decay or rot. A bone grafting also gives a base for the dental implant.

Reason for Insufficient Bone

The upper jaw supports the upper back teeth. There are sinus cavities in the upper jaw and the size depends on individual person. Even the two different jaws of a person could have different sizes. The bone needs a stimulation otherwise it will go weak. The teeth are the place from where the bone gets needed stimulation. After teeth loss, the bone stimulation of the area along with the bone cells in the area. It results in low volume and density of bone. Gum infections or diseases are also contributing factors to bone loss.

Sinus Surgery for Bone Regeneration

After opening the sinus cavity, the dental surgeon places the bone graft material inside the sinus membrane. The body’s natural bone growth will cover the grafted material and the bone is ready for a new dental implant.

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