Why You may Extract a Single Tooth?

tooth extraction

If your tooth is decayed or has been seriously damaged in an accident, there could be lack of room for your tooth in your mouth or tooth structure may be incapable to support a dental restoration. Instead of saving a severely damaged tooth that may give you intense pain, it is better to go for a tooth extraction. Sometimes, you may need to remove multiple teeth but often a tooth only can cause huge damage. Go through this article to learn more on single tooth extraction.

Teeth Crowding

Sometimes dentists need to prepare the mouth for orthodontia. It is done to align the teeth, but it is not possible if tooth is very big for the mouth. If a tooth cannot erupt through the gum as there is no space, you may have to extract the tooth.


The tooth centre has nerves and blood vessels contained. If tooth decay reaches the pulp, it will also infect the area as bacteria will enter there causing an infection. Often a root canal therapy can fix this issue. Often, antibiotics could not help cure this infection, tooth extraction is the only left option.

Infection Risk

If you have a compromised immune system or you are going though chemotherapy or an organ transplant, there could be infection risks to a certain tooth, you may need to pull it out.

The most serious stage of gum disease can lead to gum recession, extreme swelling of the gums, and an unappealing appearance of your smile. In addition, your teeth may become loose. Sometimes the gum disease is so serious that a tooth simply cannot remain in place, requiring an extraction to be performed.

Advance Gum Disease prevention

Advanced periodontitis i.e. the most severe stage of gum disease, can cause gum swelling, gum recession or an unpleasant oral appearance. Additionally, the tooth may become loose. Sometimes the gum disease does not let the tooth to stay in place and makes tooth extraction an obvious choice.

Process for Tooth Extraction

You will only get local anaesthesia for single tooth extraction. Only certain patients with exception cases will get general anaesthesia. The oral surgeon removes a portion of gum tissue for tooth removal. If the tooth is hard to remove, the surgeon may need to break the tooth into several pieces that will make the process easier.

After a tooth extraction, you need to rest well. You must have soft foods and try to keep foods away from the gap. You must avoid straws as suctional force created by the straw can make the fibrous joint loose.

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