Why Dental Implant Is Gold Standard for Dental Treatments?

dental implants okc

Dental implants are a type of prosthetic tooth root that is surgically implanted into the jawbone for supporting a crown, bridge, or denture. Most of the time, we will place a crown on the implant to hide a missing tooth!

Why this is the best choice for tooth replacement?

Because implants have a high success record of around 95%, you can nearly guarantee that this treatment will be successful. Implants are also extremely long-lasting and permanent, ensuring that you do not have to deal with this issue again. They’re also low-maintenance, requiring only proper oral hygiene and frequent dental examinations.

Another fantastic advantage is saving money in the long run. They may appear to be a little more expensive at first, but keep in mind this is one-time expenditure. There is no need for care or maintenance, and you do not need replacement.

Dental implants ensure that the jawbone, gum tissue, and existing teeth are not harmed during the procedure. Other methods of restoring lost teeth can wreak havoc on these structures, while dental implants preserve the mouth.

What makes dental implants superior than other treatment options?

Dentures and bridgework don’t always fit well or work for everyone, so dental implants are a good alternative. Furthermore, when the tooth root is missing, implants provide a healthier alternative that closely resembles a natural tooth.

Here are five reasons why dental implants are the greatest option for replacing missing teeth:

Implants have a more natural appearance and feel.

You won’t find any difference between a natural and an implanted one if you have implants done by oral surgery specialists. You may brush and floss regularly after getting dental implants since they restore chewing strength.

Implants are more durable and powerful.

Your jawbone integrates with the dental implant after an oral surgery specialist implants the metal post. This procedure creates a sturdy foundation for a new non-natural tooth, much like roots do for natural teeth.

Implants would last long if they are not damaged in any way.

Dental implants, unlike bridgework or dentures, are permanent. Your implants may last long if you maintain good dental hygiene.

There are no other teeth that are damaged.

Ordinary bridges require teeth created by the lost tooth to be connected. In contrast to bridges, we do not need to prepare or grind down neighboring teeth to become stable the replacements with implants.

Bone loss can be avoided with the use of implants.

Your jawbone begins to degenerate when you don’t have a tooth, and it can lose its volume in a year if the tooth isn’t replaced with an implant. Since dental implants restore both the root and the tooth, they help to keep the bone healthy.

How can I tell if dental implants are the appropriate choice for me?

To find out if you are good to go with dental implants, simply make an appointment with one of our fantastic oral surgeons Dr Wooten. Following that, we’ll arrange several follow-up appointments here at Oral and Facial Surgery of Oklahoma and set a surgical date. Call us now to get started on your path to a beautiful smile!

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