What You Did Not Know About Peg Tooth

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Peg teeth are also referred to as ‘Dracula teeth’ and result from a dental condition known as microdontia. Microdontia occurs when the normal tooth smaller than the average size.

Although this dental disorder is not as severe as others, and has no effect on dental health at all, it affects your smile and may cause shame about your teeth. If you think you have peg teeth, read on to find out more about what treatment options an oral surgeon has for you.

A Mistaken Identity

Microdontia is a condition which most people don’t know well. Many have never heard of “Dracula teeth” and refer to them only as tiny teeth. Also, most people incorrectly refer to them as baby teeth but sometimes this is not the case. After puberty chances of developing a baby tooth are very rare. Peg teeth on the other side of the jaw can be smaller than the lateral tooth, have large gaps around them and can be relatively straight.

This Is Congenital

It is believed that peg lateral incisor is congenital although it may remain unnoticed until adulthood. It doesn’t have to mean your current oral and general health being affected by the fact that you have a peg tooth. The presence of peg teeth, however, can point to a congenital defect or current condition that needs to be addressed. A number of conditions can cause peg teeth, most inherited to them. And, the peg tooth’s most notorious cause is congenital syphilis. The rare, irregular shape of the tooth is created when the mother did not begin treatment with penicillin until the teeth started forming.

Many genetic disorders may also be causing peg teeth. One such is ectodermal dysplasia. This disorder causes skin and hair defects, and not just peg teeth. This is a rare birth defect and condition and if results in abnormal teeth or hyper-pigmented skin.

Another Tooth Development with Peg Tooth

Despite the aesthetics and unusual appearance, there’s nothing to panic about the peg teeth themselves. They can never be fully functional because of their size, and they don’t cause alignment or bite problems. Though there are gaps around them, nearby teeth’s position will not shift.

If the dentist thinks there is a tooth inside the mouth he will prescribe an X-ray to determine the degree of structural harm that the disease causes. There are many options for treatment, which depend on the extent of injury. The tooth extraction is the worst condition. Even pain relief is recommended for patients if the gums are inflamed because of the disease.

A Good Dentist Can Help

Only an oral surgeon can treat peg teeth with accuracy. As we said earlier, peg teeth can be confused with baby teeth. So diagnosing peg teeth in children can be tricky. An expert should also be able to differentiate between a baby tooth and a peg tooth. When your child has a pointed “Dracula” tooth which is oddly shaped, consult a dentist.

If a child has a peg-shaped tooth, consult your oral surgeon on the treatment options. The dentist would most likely prescribe first, cosmetic bondings, a temporary solution. To cut down the peg tooth gaps, the dentist may also prescribe braces. Do not forget that a peg tooth may present the same problems as “normal” teeth, so watch out for cavities and abscesses. Contact Dr. Wooten at Oral and Facial Surgery of Oklahoma if peg tooth is bothering you a lot.

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