Ways to Make Tooth Extraction Tension-Free

Dental problems are not uncommon among people. There are hardly any individual who has never visited a dentist to make their oral health stronger and smile prettier. But, when the problem is serious indeed, tooth extraction is one of the best solutions that you may need to opt for. It is always better to get rid of any damaged tooth in order to save the other healthy ones.

If you are worried about the surgery, here are some quick steps or preparations that you can take in your home. These steps will make the surgery process easier for you and your doctor as well. Check these out!

What to Do Before an Appointment?

Clarify Your Doubts

Being a bit nervous before any kind of surgery is very normal. But, remaining in doubt with anything is not something you should indulge. It is good to call your doctor to know whether you should take any pre-operation preparation. Do not be unsure about anything the night before your surgery.

Take It Easy

If you really get nervous thinking about the tooth extraction, keep yourself busy with something else. You can read your favorite novel, play video game or can cook a tasty meal for you. Make sure you are relaxed and do not let anxiety sink in.

Get Ice Packs Ready

Soon after the tooth extraction, you will need ice packs to relax your muscles and heal you pain after the effect of anesthesia fades away. Get it ready beforehand so that you can use it soon after coming back home after the surgery.

Wear Loose and Plain Clothes

At the time of surgery, it is good to avoid any tight fitting dress that would be difficult to open post-surgery. Loose clothes are best in this time. Also, avoid wearing any jewelry on that day.

How Do You Know You Need a Surgery?

There are several signs that you can notice if your tooth is damaged and need an extraction. Check out the most common reasons behind it.


Bacteria cause cavities in your gum and teeth. Some of the teeth get extremely affected due to this. If the infection starts spreading rapidly; it can have an extreme adverse effect on your overall oral health. That is why; tooth extraction is the only way to prevent this potential threat.

Broken Tooth

When a tooth is badly broken and can no way be repaired by root canal or crown, removing it is the only option left.

Wisdom Tooth

Removing wisdom tooth is also important if the growth is abnormal and causing unbearable pain.

Contact Oral and Facial Surgery in Oklahoma for tooth extraction. Dr Wooten can help you with the surgery so efficiently that you will bid adieu to all your anxiety.

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