Tooth Extraction- When to drink coffee and alternatives for coffee

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Most people love enjoying warm coffee in the morning since it is considered the perfect way to kick start a day. In fact, some people even cannot begin their morning routine without a cup of hot coffee in their hand. However, no matter what your habit is, you have to change or adjust it if you went through tooth extraction.

How coffee can impact your healing?

Once the dentist removes your teeth, blood clots start forming in the gum, which protects it from bacterial growth. Not only that, but it also helps with the healing process. But, if you sip on hot coffee immediately after tooth removal, it prevents the blood clot from forming. This condition is known as dry socket.

Later on, this will eventually lead to severe pain as well as an unpleasant taste inside your mouth. Therefore, dental surgeons in Oklahoma City recommend staying away from coffee for a few days to support healing.

Things you can eat or drink after tooth extraction

The best part is you don’t have to fast immediately after tooth extraction. You can continue with your diet without damaging the extraction site. Here are a few things that you can do after coming back.

  • Once you are back home, drink at least one to two glasses of water. Followed by that, you must have a small meal. Make sure not to damage the extraction site.
  • The diet that you are following should have soft foods at least for two to three days. Eat foods like mashed potatoes, refried beans, cottage cheese, soups, and more.
  • Drink liquids to keep yourself hydrated but do not consume hot beverages, especially coffee.

Alternative drinks to try during this time

It is vital to keep yourself hydrated after any surgery since it helps in proper healing and even prevents drying of the socket. Even though you cannot consume coffee, oral surgeons recommend other drinks.

  • Sports drink- Non-carbonated drinks are no doubt a great option when you are having a tooth extraction. However, make sure to brush your teeth immediately after that since it contains high amounts of sugar.
  • Milk- Let us not ignore that milk is not only a safe drink but also is rich in calcium that helps in tooth strengthening.
  • Smoothies- Drinking smoothies can help in replenishing the vitamins and nutrients level in your body. The reason behind this is you cannot eat solid food, especially after surgery.

When again can I drink coffee?

Generally, it is best to wait for five days before you are sipping onto your favorite drink. But, the time varies in patients depending on the healing time and if they had surgical extraction. If you had wisdom teeth removal, your surgeon will recommend you the right time to resume drinking coffee.

Consult the best oral surgeon

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