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Everything You Should Know About Wisdom Teeth

Since the seventeenth century, the third molars have been called “wisdom teeth”. Generally the third molars develop later than other teeth, usually in adulthood between 18 and 26 years of age. It is widely believed among doctors that these are known as wisdom teeth as they come into existence so late at a time when […]

When Your Wisdom Teeth Should Be Removed?

The teeth of wisdom at any age can cause pain. Such molars must be extracted much of the time. But some people deny medical extraction because they are afraid of pain. Can your wisdom teeth be pulled out without expert intervention? See today’s blog for more information and book your appointment for wisdom teeth removal. […]

Why You Should Not Delay in Removing Wisdom Teeth?

Some of us have wisdom tooth, and most of us need to go for wisdom teeth removal at some stage. The removal of wisdom teeth has many benefits that impact your wellbeing and oral health directly. This article isn’t for you if we’re part of the 2 % of the population that has been born […]

What To Do After Removing Wisdom Teeth?

For the first 24 hours after wisdom teeth removal, you need to go for ice compress to avoid bleeding and swelling. Warm compress will heal the pain. Try to eat cool food like ice cream. If still excessive bleeding continues, consult a doctor. **Disclaimer: This site content is not intended to be medical advice nor […]

To Drink or Not to Drink – Post Wisdom Teeth Removal

It is important to provide a proper recovery time if you have undergone wisdom teeth removal. You need to make the most of your relaxation and take control over your diet which is very necessary. One of the common questions that people often ask is when they can start drinking their habitual and favorite beverages. […]

Wisdom Teeth Removal & Taking Care Of It

How would take care of your wisdom teeth? Why do you need to remove wisdom teeth? If you have immense swelling, pain, decayed and misaligned tooth, you must remove it on time. You should brush and floss regularly to take care of your teeth. Check this infographic to learn everything about wisdom teeth removal and […]