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Food That You Can Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal

You need to go for liquid or semi-liquid edible items after wisdom teeth removal. Best food that can bring back your strength and immunity are boiled vegetables, potatoes, and yogurt. Also, applesauce, and smoothies can cool your mouth and heal inflamed tissues. Do not forget to drink plenty of water. **Disclaimer: No content on this […]

Dry Socket – Reasons and Prevention

After wisdom teeth removal, the throbbing pain from that socket that stays for two to three days is dry socket. This pain is often associated with bad breath and odor in the mouth. When this pain stays for a long time, probably the healing is not in order. Dry socket happens when the jawbone is […]

Is Anesthesia Necessary for Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Wisdom teeth are a special case that require cutting into the gums and bone of the jaw, making it a severely painful process. Thankfully, the use of general anesthesia suppresses pain and patient anxiety by rendering the patient unconscious and preventing any memory of the removal of wisdom teeth. A driver will be needed after […]

Clear Answers to Your Confusion Related to Wisdom Teeth

The wisdom teeth grow from top to bottom in the very back of your mouth. Such teeth come later in life, which is why they are frequently called teeth of wisdom, as you are wiser when they blow. Many dentists recommend removing wisdom teeth, but not everyone needs to remove those or go for surgery. […]

When a Wisdom Tooth Is Hard to Remove?

Why do most people have teeth that are usually removed somewhere in their lives? Wisdom teeth are a group of third molars, which rarely grow properly. Some of the time there is insufficient room for growth, causing the tooth to appear abnormally, to only partially erupt through the gums, to turn lateral and to push […]

FAQ on Wisdom Tooth Removal

When you are on the verge of removing wisdom teeth, you must have a few questions. Here we have complied the most frequently asked questions about wisdom tooth extraction. Read on the article for it when you are heading for wisdom teeth removal in OKC. Why we have wisdom teeth? Centuries ago ancestors of human […]

What to Eat after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

  Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars in your mouth’s back. They come in when you’re at the age of 17 and 25. Removing your wisdom teeth is common. They may need to be removed because they are affected and normally won’t come in. Or they might have to be removed by wisdom […]

Wisdom Tooth Extraction – Precautions and Recovery Period

While many teens and some adults are removing their wisdom teeth, there are other reasons why in adulthood tooth extraction may be essential. Excessive decay of the tooth, tooth infection, and crowding may involve extraction of the tooth. Those who get braces may need to remove one or two teeth as they move into location […]