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When Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?

There are several reasons to get your teeth pulled. A tooth extraction may be recommended by your dentist because of: Depression or severe trauma To ease crowding The baby tooth should be extracted so that a permanent tooth can develop To remove troubled teeth of wisdom Parodontal disease (gum), Making dentures easier Severe dental decay […]

Post Tooth Extraction Care Tips

Tooth extraction is indeed a very helpful process for your teeth. Where the condition of the tooth is extremely bad, removal may be needed. A local anesthetic is used for the operation itself, and the dentist then loosens the tooth from the socket before removing it. You are then given gauze that bites gently, helps […]

Tooth Extraction and the Root Canal – What Is Your Choice?

An ambulatory procedure performed by the dentist is a tooth extraction. In some cases teeth can be necessary to preserve or improve your dental health. In some cases you can remove a denture from its entire spot in the jaw bone. Pull or Not Pull Tooth – What Is Your Tooth Extraction Method Your dentist’s […]

Wisdom Tooth Extraction – Precautions and Recovery Period

While many teens and some adults are removing their wisdom teeth, there are other reasons why in adulthood tooth extraction may be essential. Excessive decay of the tooth, tooth infection, and crowding may involve extraction of the tooth. Those who get braces may need to remove one or two teeth as they move into location […]