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What Can Cause Your Dental Implant Fail?

Dental implants are basically man-made artificial dental roots, which can be used to replace damaged or missing teeth and support fixed or removable protheses. They usually made from medical titanium, but new materials like zirconia are also becoming more common. None of the available methods of replacement of missing or severely damaged teeth can match […]

Facts On Dental Implants

There are a lot of myths about dental implants. However, a proper dental implant in OKC will help you get rid of the problem permanently. You will be examined with proper tests before the surgery is performed. There is no risk in the process. **Disclaimer: This site content is not intended to be medical advice […]

Know About the Lifespan of Dental Implant

Dental implants may last for years, or sometimes even for a lifetime. The first person to receive dental implants was Gösta Larsson of Gothenburg, Sweden in 1965; Larsson died in 2006 and had more than forty years’ dental implants. Some factors can reduce and prolong the dental implants’ life span. Three Key Part of Dental […]

What Benefits Dental Implant Give You?

Often, we take everyday things for granted, only realizing how important and useful they are when threatened or disappeared. For example, our teeth. We don’t think about how lucky we are to get teeth every time we eat, but if something happens to them, we quickly realize how important they are in our daily lives. […]