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The Far-Reaching Guide To Dental Implant?

If you do not want to modify your look with dentures or crowns, a dental implant is always your way to go. This will keep your bite healthy and also stabilize the rest of your teeth. A crown or a denture does not provide support to your jawbone. Whereas, a dental implant is able to […]

Why Choose Dental Implants for Complete Teeth Restoration?

As Hollywood diva Marilyn Monroe once wisely said, a healthy smile is the best makeup anyone can wear. But accidents happen and as painful as losing teeth is (physically and metaphorically both), there are procedures to restore the dazzle to your smile. Dental Implants VS Dentures Dental Implants are a popular option. They are permanent […]

Exploring Unknown Facts About Dental Implants

In America, 70% of people have already lost one of their permanent tooth. In such a case, dental implant is one of the best options to bring back that old smile. It is a part of cosmetic dentistry and it enhances the integrity of your bite. It prevents the decaying of other teeth and the […]

Why Dental Implants Are Best Option for Missing Tooth?

Dental implants are the greatest option for restoring missing teeth since they do not impact the surrounding teeth like regular bridges. Traditional bridges require grinding down the teeth close to the vacant space in order to connect the false tooth. Dental implants would be the best option for restoring missing teeth when bridges and dentures […]

What Should You Know About Dental Implants

Nowadays, dental implants are very popular in dental surgery across the world. According to the research, more thanĀ  69% of Americans lose teeth at the age of 35 to 44. Keep in mind that dental implants help to preserve the natural bone and stimulate the growth of the bone. After the implants, you may continue […]

Why Dental Implant Is Gold Standard for Dental Treatments?

Dental implants are a type of prosthetic tooth root that is surgically implanted into the jawbone for supporting a crown, bridge, or denture. Most of the time, we will place a crown on the implant to hide a missing tooth! Why this is the best choice for tooth replacement? Because implants have a high success […]

The Distinctive Factors of Traditional and Mini Dental Implants

  To modern dentistry, replacing missing teeth through dentures, bridges and dental implants is no tough practice. Your dentist can present two choices if you are in need of an implant: traditional and mini. The best alternative for guaranteeing a robust, natural-looking replacement tooth is conventional dental implants. Here, we look into the difference between […]

Kind of Dental Implants to Keep Your Charming Smile

Many patients have decided to replace their missing teeth by taking the help of dental implant. This helps them restore their original looking and to keep their smile intact. Time plays a more significant role in this context, which decides how much time it will take for the extraction. A 3D scan will be performed […]

How CBCT Scan Help in Implants?

In cases where regular x-rays are not sufficient, CT is often used. Your oral surgeon is able to obtain a 3-D image that is very useful for dental implants using cone beam imagery. Cone Beam CT in Comparison with Standard X-rays A regular tooth or facial x-ray provides the oral surgeon with a two-dimensional picture […]

Why Dental Implant Surgery is Easy and Fearless?

Dental implants have become popular for their look and durability. The titanium post in the jawbone can be attributed to each of the aspects of the latter. Since titanium has a natural bone affinity, new cells can grow over time and stick to dental implants, making them strong and durable. Obviously, dental implant surgery has […]