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How Can You Make Dental Implants Last Longer?

This is supposed to be the most advanced missing teeth solution. The success rate of dental implants is 98% when properly cared of. One good way to ensure your procedure is to find a dentist who has a proven record in the placement of implants. How to maintain the implant You should know the reason […]

Reasons Why Dental Implant Are the Best

We all know teeth are a valuable part of our body. So, we have to maintain it rather than compromising the factor with our oral health. If you are facing any kind of dental problem, then dental implants would be the best option. Some of the Dental professionals opined the fact that implants will be […]

How Is Your Dental Implant?

You may wear dentures if you have bone loss, but still have common questions about dental implants? Not sufficient bone for implants? And think about stabilizing your dentures with dental implants. The method is known as tooth stabilization or implant over-dentures, and has helped many people regain their confidence in their abilities to eat, talk, […]

Advantages of Dental Implant You Need to Know

Dental implant can improvise your speech, chewing habits, appearance and more. It also has a high rate of success with 100% durability assurance. Consult with a doctor and opt for a dental implant without any fear. **Disclaimer: This site content is not intended to be medical advice nor establishes a doctor-patient relationship.

The Causes and Symptoms of Periodontitis

Periodontal disease is also known as periodontitis. It can lead to tooth loss if left untreated. The disease begins when the surrounding and supporting gingival of the teeth are irritated and inflamed. This is due to an increase of plaques and leads to a continuous infection of bacteria. In the gingival tissue, the infection grows […]

Single and Multiple Teeth Replacement and Dental Implant

It has no denial that tooth loss makes eating troublesome. Specific tooth has specific tasks and it can cause problems while biting and chewing. You may not be able to eat certain foods and have problems to eat. With a missing tooth the common problems and bone loss and gum recession. When the root structure […]

Bone Grafting for Sinus and Dental Implant

Though regenerating bone sounds like a story but it is scientifically proven for treating bone loss in upper jaw. The sinus surgery or sinus membrane lift or sinus augmentation process is well-known in restorative dentistry to help in bone growth. This is the treatment that allows dental implant process and also preferable for replacing failing […]

Difference Between Dental Bridge and Dental Implant?

The two most popular solutions for damaged dentures are dental bridges and implants. The Bridge Implant Guide compares the difference between these common treatments for tooth replacement and helps you select the best alternative. If you need to replace missing teeth by looking at the pros and cons of the options below and need advice […]