Post Tooth Extraction Tips: What to Do & What Not to Do

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We want our teeth to last a lifetime, aren’t we? But there are certain circumstances where we need to extract some of them. Scenarios such as tooth decay, damaged tooth and cavity can force us to go for tooth extraction. If you have recently gone through tooth extraction, you should learn about the aftercare tips. Aftercare tips are all about what you should do and what you should not do after the tooth extraction. Post tooth extraction tips will help you provide relief from pain and heal it quickly. A maxillofacial surgeon in OKC can help you if you are relatively new. You can also contact an oral surgeon for the same.

Post Tooth Extraction Tips: The Dos

  • Since it takes time for the blood clots to form around the extraction site, your dentist will advise you not to eat post surgery. After 45 minutes it’s recommended to eat ice cream without nuts. Soft diet is recommended after the surgery. Do not try to eat hard foods.
  • Bleeding will occur for a few minutes after the surgery is over. At this time, your surgeon will advise you to use a gauze pad to stop the bleeding.
  • Swelling and pain is not uncommon after the surgery. If you’re feeling pain and swelling, you can use ice packs. Apply ice outside of your mouth. It will reduce swelling and give you certain relief from pain.
  • When it’s the time to brush after the surgery, you need to be cautious. Brush gently around your teeth. Heavy pressure can dislodge the blood clots. You can also use a soft brush in this regard.

Post Tooth Extraction Tips: The Don’ts

  • Smoking should be avoided following a tooth extraction. It will not only weaken the blood but also help create blood sockets around the extraction.
  • Solid foods need to be avoided following a tooth extraction. Solids will only put more pressure on your blood clots. As a result, they may be damaged. Consider avoiding solid foods at least 4-5 hours post the extraction.
  • In case of extreme pain, don’t take pain killers. You can contact a maxillofacial surgeon in OKC in this regard. Pain killers can delay blood clot formation.

Oral & Facial Surgery of Oklahoma is the right place when it comes to tooth extraction. Our experienced oral surgeons are always ready to help our parents deal with pain and fear. If you’re new, don’t panic. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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