Necessity of Tooth Extraction

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In OKC, why would a dentist or orthodontist recommend that you have a tooth extracted? Some teeth are more valuable than others, but there isn’t always enough room in your mouth to accommodate them. If your teeth are larger than average, or if your dental arches are small, you may have alignment issues that can negatively impact your smile’s health and function. Before beginning your orthodontic treatment, you may need to see an oral surgeon to ensure your long-term oral health and to align your teeth.

In orthodontics, why are teeth extracted?

In addition to creating a beautiful smile, teeth alignment is important for a number of other reasons. Your oral health and function are also affected by their position. Incorrectly positioned teeth can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and jaw pain, which are particularly common in cases of overcrowding or rotation.

Insufficient room in the dental arches for the size of the teeth is a common cause of teeth that overlap or are grouped together. It is possible to improve your bite and alignment by tooth extraction. The extraction of permanent teeth is required in about 20 to 25 percent of patients before they begin orthodontic treatment.

Which teeth are removed during the procedure?

In general, however, the first bicuspids are removed. They are located directly behind the cuspids or eyeteeth and the molars on either side of the mouth. It is possible to remove the premolars in some cases without causing any aesthetic or functional complications. Some plans may recommend removing a combination of teeth to maximize results.

Do you need to see a dentist?

In order to move your teeth with success, your bone must be preserved, which is why it’s often best to see an oral surgeon for the procedure. When a tooth is extracted, the socket is left empty, like an ice cream cone that hasn’t been filled. Because of this, it is susceptible to collapse without the proper precautions.

Bone grafts are used in modern surgical techniques to maintain the bone mass and volume of extraction sockets. In the empty socket, a small amount of donor material is placed for the body to grow new bone over. Bone grafting is not always necessary after a tooth extraction, but it is sometimes necessary.

During the planning of your tooth movements, your oral surgeon will carefully remove the selected teeth and lay a works seamlessly for your straight smile.

A Beautiful Smile is an Investment

Tooth extractions shouldn’t prevent you from getting a straight smile. A customized plan will be created by your orthodontist and oral surgeon for you to invest in your smile. Dr Wooten is here to help you get back your old and shining smile. Visit Oral and Facial Surgery in Oklahoma to book your schedule.

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