How to Recover From the Bone Graft Quickly?

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According to the research, millions of Americans lose at least one tooth in a year. Losing a tooth is one of the most common problems in the United States. If you lose one of your teeth that does not mean that you have lost the world. There are a variety of treatments available out there. The most popular option among others is dental implants. But everyone is not ready for the solution immediately. There are many people who need a bone graft before doing implants. If you need to do oral surgery, then consult with a specialist.

What Is a Bone Graft?

In this process, the specialist places fresh bone substitutes into the empty spaces around bone defects. First of all, the dentist takes the bone part from the body of another patient. The expert makes an incision in that place. After that, the new bone integrates with the existing bone.

If you experience tooth damage, then you have to do a bone graft. The patient should do it because dental plants require a strong foundation. If you do not have healthy bone tissue in that area, then you cannot support the dental implants.

The Necessary Tips

  1. Reduce Bruising and Swelling

You may experience bruising and swelling after doing a bone graft. You can apply a cold compress to the outside area of the face. Keep in mind that you have to apply it only for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

  1. Avoid Smoking

Do you know that smoking can slow down the recovery process? Not only that but it also increases the infection after you have done the toothextraction. Therefore, you should avoid smoking during recovery time. You should also avoid nicotine-related products because it is the main culprit of slowing down the recovery process.

  1. Reduce Bleeding

You may notice bleeding right after the oral surgery. It is very common. In order to stop bleeding, you should put a gauze pad over the surgical site and have to bite it for almost an hour.

  1. Rest

You should take plenty of rest right after the tooth extraction. Taking a rest for a while will help you to recover soon from your current condition.

  1. Careful While Eating

You should take a liquid diet for at least 24 hours after doing the bone graft. Smoothies, applesauce and broth are good options for you during the recovery period. You should avoid eating food by using straws.

Schedule an Appointment

There are plenty of specialists who can help you to do oral surgery and bone graft at a reasonable price. If you want to know what you can expect from the treatment, then contact Oral & Facial Surgery of Oklahoma. The experts will be happy to help you and also guide you to find a suitable diet plan after the treatment in OKC.

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