How to Deal with a Cracked Tooth?

cracked tooth

Strongly anchored in your jaw, your teeth are protected by an external layer of hard enamel— but still chips, rips or even breaks. The tooth structure, resulting in tooth fractures, can happen from a bite on hard objects, blown to the bow or with large cavities (or old amalgam fillings). You can contact Dr Wooten for tooth extraction in OKC.

Cracked Tooth Symptoms

Examine the type, samples, and prospective dental therapy of the diaphragm that may evolve.

Minor cracks

These small cracks in the external tooth enamel often cause few or no symptoms and do not require therapy in many cases. However, it is essential for your family dentist to assess the crack in order to determine whether dental treatment is necessary.

Vertical cracks

This sort of crack often begins at the chewing surface and reaches downward to the roots, yet it may also start at the root and go up to the crown. In any case, the cracked tooth does not divide into two components. You may feel only minor pain, depending on the extent of this fracture, as a result of modifications in temperature such as consuming warm or cold drinks. Such a cracked tooth can in some instances cause sharp pain when you are chewing. You should not disregard the symptoms, as a cracked tooth needs dental therapy so that it does not go further. The further development of the crack may require tooth extraction.

Deep fractures or Split Teeth

If severe fractures happen, you will understand! The different sections of the tooth can be distinguished, and the flesh of the tooth is often inflamed and painful. This condition needs to be evaluated and treated immediately. Sadly, a seriously broken tooth is difficult to save. There are dental implant choices for substituting a lost tooth if the tooth has to be removed.

Evaluation of a cracked teeth

Your family dentist will check your cracked tooth for the severity of your crack and whether your dentist, which is the internal tooth organ, has penetrated the dentine. It is most probable that your dentist uses a dental investigator to feel the crack, take X-rays of near the bite on a stick. Your family dentist can also use special stains or large-scale dental tools to better look at the crack.

The treatment for a cracked tooth

The treatment for a cracked tooth depends on the extent and severity of the crack. When early detection of a small crack, it is often possible to screen the crack with restorative dental equipment. The therapy of the root canal is usually necessary for bigger cracks involving the tooth pulp. Afterwards, a dental crown can restore the visible structure of the tooth. Additional methods to attempt saving the tooth may sometimes be suggested. But the tooth is probably to be extracted in the most severe cases.

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