How Can You Help Your Child to Get Over Dental Fear?

child in dental office

Parents and dentist both can make a child’s first experience at a dentist’s office pleasant and not at all fearful. This first positive experience will make them stronger further with the treatments. If the parents show anxiety while taking the children to the dentist, the child will be fearful. At the same time, a jovial and friendly dentist can help a child to overcome the fear of visiting a dental surgeon.

What a parent Must do

  • Tell the child about the appointment but do not go into the details. Try to give short and to the point answers. Leave the rest to the dentist. The dentist can answer all the complex queries better as he is a professional. The way of explanation of the queries must be unthreatening and approach must be cordial.
  • Do not use words like ‘hurt’, ‘shot’, ‘painful’ etc.
  • Do not tell the child about any unpleasant dental experiences that can make him/her traumatized.
  • Make the child understand the importance of keeping good dental hygiene as well as gums. Tell that dentist is the person or doctor who helps to do that.

Only your right attitude can help the child to be steady while visiting a dentist. How to help them? See here.

Start Early

Find a dentist or dental surgeon who can take care of all the oral issues of child in future. If you make the child meet the dentist at an early stage or age, he/she will become comfortable with the doctor by spending time and growing old. It will also be easy for the doctor to explain the oral hygiene facts to your kid.

Be Careful with Word Choice

Have a positive tone and approach when talking with the children about dental checkup. Make sure your children think the dentist will only clean up their teeth with a ‘special toothbrush’. Do not use any negative words with them.

Home Practice

Practice a mock test with the children. Set a fake dentist visit with the child. Explain how it is going to be in the dentist’s office. It will help them to grow a positive attitude about the entire process. But make them understand the process better and learn why should they visit a dentist.

No Bribe

Do not promise any gifts to the children for going to the dentist’s office. You must avoid this technique. When you promise any bribe, it will make them feel there is something unpleasant and the gift is a compensation. But praise the child for the courage and good attitude on the visit.

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